Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Fantasy Faire 2021 Sim - Ostara

Sponsored by The Forge
Region by Beq Janus and Elizabeth Jarvinen
A Shopping Region

“Cut deep into the jungle floor,
Her nest she made, her child she bore.
And then, as all her kind before
she curled up close and moved no more.”

– translated from the oral history of the tribes of Ostara

The sunlight blinds you as you step into the valley from the cave
between the thick jungle vegetation, stark sun-bleached bones reach into the sky, all along the valley walls you see the ancient temples of the draconic guardians, you cannot be far now, this must be it, the legendary valley of Ostara awaits.

*Official text from the Fantasy Faire page*

The giant egg and skeleton of this sim are both aw inspiring, and a little terrifying to be near . But its nestled in a lush valley with waterfalls and plants. Old ruins help the remains of the mother guard the egg. When will it hatch?

You can see all my photos of the sim at this link here

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