About this blog

I am not just a fashion blogger. I'll say that up front. Blogging outfits, hunts, and stores is not the main purpose of this blog.

I'm more a Second Life, "life recorder". I go to sims and events and I take photos. I do this to well, record what is going on, what the sim looked like, the people there. HEY LOOK I'm a SL tourist! I like to explore, a lot. And I LOVE taking photos of the amazing builds out there.

I rarely do post processing, other then cropping. Except for the images I make for holidays and other speical occasions.

Though I am not a fashion blogger, I do try to give credit for what I am wearing in my photos. Unless its a large mishmash of photos taken over several weeks and I'm in several outfits. Because that would just get ridicules. Plus I'm not likely to remember what I had on. But if asked I will track it down in my inventory.

If I go to a sim to explore, even if I leave and do something else, I generally strive to keep the same outfit on for the time I am in it. But I do take random shots and shots from events, and those many times will be all stuck in one post.

Every so often I do like to get artsy with my photos . Messing with windlight and poses and some post processing. And those I will post if I think they look good enough to share.

All posts are cross posted to my Livejournal at
http://softpaw-sommer.livejournal.com/ Which also has many older posts.

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