Sunday, October 30, 2011

52 weeks of color - Week 52

Week Fifty Two:


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- Outfit - Les Sucreries de Fairy - Halloween Alice Box SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Agnes 2 - SLURL
Pose - Comes with the outfit SLURL
Sim - Darkness Falls @Pandemonium SLURL

Ah, the last week of this. And Halloween week. So, since the color is Orange I wanted to find a super cute Halloweeny Orange outfit.

And while I forget on WHOSE blog I saw this outfit on, the moment I saw it I knew it was it. Tea, Halloween and Pumpkins?! MINE OH YES MINE!!! I find it so totally over the top whimsical and fun. It's just perfect. And is only 150 so it wont break your pocketbook. Comes with a lot more stuff then I have on as well. The whole store is full of cute fun outfits like this. With lots in Kids sizes.

Ok, enough pimping a store I just found out about. Onto the place I went for this weeks exploration.

In keeping with the Halloween them I went to several spooky places till I found one I felt worked. I chose Darkness Falls @Pandemonium from the destination guide.

TPed in and after things Rezed I looked around. Hrmm..this place looks vaguely familiar. Then I notice the sim name. OH, it's Bentham Hallow done up for Halloween! Quite a change from the colorful mushroom fae forest it usually is!

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It's still got some mushrooms, but creepy ones in red and orange that change shades. I felt this place worked rather well as a spooky creepy place with out a lot of Gore.

And let me tell you between the sounds and one item repeated all through the sim, it's creepy as all GET out.

What's the one item?

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Creepy child is CREEPY!!! And is all OVER the place! And sometimes it's not in one piece! *shudders*

I did not find any quests to do, but since Andrek no longer has anything to do with this place that's not surprising. And I don't know if it will stay this way a while or go back to the colorful world it was before.

But right now its a nice place for some good creepy photos full of atmosphere.

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Just be careful of the creepy rain slicker child. For all I know it will develop fangs and go after you!

Next week Luna has a "15 Favorites" Thing she's doing and that will be the end of her color challenge, for this year! She's said she'll start it back up after the new year and I fully intend to join in again. The group gets to suggest some of the colors as well. I am totally going for more pinks and purples *mwhahahahahahs!*

Jumping in on it in the middle was fun, But I am so looking forwards to doing this from the start with everyone else.

Now just to figure out what to do with myself for November. As in December I start up my photo a day Christmas Countdown..

For now though, I need to go tour Steelhead's haunted spots, and I have a few other spots on my list before I do a Halloween area post later.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Contest entries

So, this month I have entered two photo contests. One's already over and HEY I came in second/third! One is still awaiting judging. But as they are all halloween themed I thought I'd get around to showing them off.

First off the one that is done. It was for "The Witch Hunt", and you had to use items that you picked up in a grid wide hunt.

Here are my entries. Two of the prizes where skyboxes so I just used them as my locations while in a sandbox.

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Khargo – Creepy Halloween Skybox -
Wretched Dollies – Batty Witch Dress
:+:SS:+: Witchy Broomstick Pose Prop
Hair !!CalicoCreations!! Darla

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Entropy – The Alter Globe
STaTuS Pumpkin Carving Pose Set
A.D.D. Andel - Smushyrooms Set
Wretched Dollies – Batty Witch Dress
Hair !!CalicoCreations!! Darla

The one with the pumpkins won. It came in Second/third, and i put it that way due to the lady in charge confusing herself. On Flickr she said third but in a message to me about my win in world she said second, so she went ahead and gave me the same prize as second.

The one that is awaiting judging is the Bewitched Halloween Photo Contest.

Bewitched used to be Bentham Forest, but then Natalie, owner of one of my favorite places Enchanted, took it over when it almost vanished. So I went in having some idea of what and where I wanted to go. Got them taken yesterday and here they are!

Evil Eyes

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Outfit *Evie's Closet* Fable - Halloween 2010
Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Dalasia
pose NSA zombie popcorn hunt

Fireside Stories

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[Wishbox] Reveries (Limited Halloween Edition!)
Hair Truth Cate

Burning down the Forest

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Outfit Chaospire "Autumn Fae" Fantasy
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Hyasynth
Pose (* chanimations - Sorceress "Fire Ritual"

I used no post processing on any of these apart from cropping. Had a lot of fun playing with windlight settings for the Bewitched shots though!

And I really really recommend clicking to see bigger. They look SO much better that way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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Outfit - Eat Me - cuppy cake witch - unreleasedSLURL Hair !!Calico Creations!! HelenSLURL Pose -'NSA' - Frankenfae SLURL Sim - SpookyvilleSLURL

Go me I got a haunted spot explored! Two actually but one's pretty much the same as it was last year.

First up in the photos will be the little bit of new stuff over in Halloween Town *slurl*

And yes by Halloween town I mean THAT ONE, you know, from the movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas. It's just a homestead sim so its not as detailed as it could be. But for the prims they have, they've done a fabulous job! Not a whole lot of changes from last year. Mostly I believe they added a few statues of Jack and Sally. has my photos from last year if you wanna go look.

Click to see bigger

After there I headed over to another annual favorite, Spookyville. They change it up each year so its always fun and new. The place tries to have a bit of a storyline to it as well, Though once again, no quest like they had the first year. But its still a fantastic sim to poke around.

This year it was a haunted town and floating circus. Lots of fog and you really REALLY want to use the sim windlight setting. They have the sim all boxed in and if you put it at midday you can't see as well as you can with the sim settings.

Click to see bigger

Each building in the sim has a lot to see in it so explore, explore, EXPLORE!!

I found the circus the most fun, it has acts you can play with! And when your done use the cannon to shoot yourself across the sim!

Click to see bigger

A bit on my outfit. It comes with a ridable broom, but Ambrose is a lazy faun and hasn't set it out for sale yet. Even though he made it last year. If I recall he also has a few other colors. If you like it poke Ambrose Steampunk and ask him about it. Tell him I sent you!

Now onto another spot! I'm trying to avoid the typical haunted houses but may go by one just for the heck of it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

52 weeks of color - Week 51

Week Fifty One:


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- Outfit - --Umi Usagi-- Rose Bikini *Pink* SLURL
Butterflies - [*Epic* Butterfly Buddies SLURL
And *KW* Butterfly Swarm ~ Candied Violet Gift from Ambrose and not available to the public yet
Hair >TRUTH< Mariposa - SLURL
Pose -Mood Swings butterfly dances 1&2 SLURL
Sim - Enchanted Forests SLURL

So, this weeks choice is a wee bit different. And I swear this was totally pre planned when I saw this weeks color and just worked in my favor due to the loss of Net this week.

For one, I haven't fully explored the sim I'm on, because I KNOW its not done already. One of my favorite sim designers Andrek Lowell, is working on a nine sim grouping and he's up to three sims. I am waiting till he's all done to do a through exploration. But I did pop over to take a sneaky peek at them. What little I have seen looks stunning. Oh and you WILL need a mesh enabled viewer, he's used mesh for some objects already. Like the floating flowers behind me.

Secondly, the photo was not taken specifically for the challenge. It was taken for the Annual Shirtless Against Breast Cancer calendar I take part in. For the past several years the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach in Steelhead has put together a serious of calendars to raise money for . I've taken part of the last few. I'm in the Fin and Fur edition obviously. has more information about it. The 2011 edition is not available yet but will be at the same locations. And I believe you can still get this years and past years calenders.

When I saw that the color was CREAM, I knew this was the perfect way to pimp it. Why? My FUR is cream colored! So there you have my cream, in all my nearly naked glory! Enjoy!

No to go crawl back in bed and die for a few hours. I got run over last night by one of the "train" carts at the haunted Corn maze I am working this month when my cloak got caught under a wheel and pulled me down. I HURT, I'll be fine just extra achy and have a few big bruises on my legs..

Friday, October 21, 2011


after a week of Internet and Computer issues, back at last.

Internet issues fixed, Computer not so much. It wont run Scandisk and as it apparently NEEDS to run it, it wont run Defrag. Which it needs to run as it's very sluggish.

But it's at least working.

Seems something is out there to keep me from going to the haunted places!! I know what I'll be doing a lot of next week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

52 weeks of color - Week 50

Week Fifty:


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- Outfit - *Evie's Closet* (Etheria) Lyric SLURL
Jewelry - [K~*~S] Margaret - Jewelry Set - Gold SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Eden - SLURL
Pose - *xoxo ania* reaching for stars poses SLURL
Sim - Through The Lens of Dreams SLURL

So, this week really got away from me. I have part of a Halloween place visited but due to my best Fairy friend Caelii coming for a surprise visit I didn't get much else done. Two days got spent cleaning, and then her visit and then sleeping after all that. Then the Corn Maze I'm haunting. And...just, so much stuff going on to supersede Secondlife.

Next week should be calmer and I can get to some of those haunted places I want to go to! Her visit helped me get out of my apathetic MEH mood I've been in lately as well.

Anyway Week Fifty. Wow almost done with this thing. And it was a great color this week! I have so many gowns in mulberry, or close enough to it. If one of my favorite designers doesn't make a gown in my preferred lighter pink they tend to go with this shade, or close to it. So I had a LOT of choices.

I went with an Evie's gown that had a lot of different shades in it. Just to offer them all, then the pose I used the stars are tintable, so I snagged the exact RGB from Luna's swatch and tinted the larger star with it. And I felt princessy so I dug out one of Kouse's stunning tiaras and matching necklaces.

For the Sim I chose a new one that is making the rounds of the blogs. I've seen it in several and its on the destination guide now as well.

Through The Lens of Dreams, is a quirky fun sim. Sound plays a part in it, But I got a notecard saying it was a wee bit borked atm but they are working on a fix.

Click to see bigger

When you arrive your on a cloud platform and there is a hole to fall down. You land on a big bouncy mushroomy thing and then bounce to the ground.

The world is inhabited by a myriad of critters, All busy making dreams. And each part of the sim leads into the next. There is a stone path you can follow and I do recommend that. It will take you around to experience the whole build properly.

But also just wander on your own. Fly up to the star factory, poke things. Its such a quirky place! And you get a few freebie gifts as well if you look about. Shoulder pets and an avatar.

Click to see bigger

I highly enjoyed myself and do recommend a visit. it doesn't take long if you don't want it to. Go explore and play! has all of my photos

Next week's color is Cream. I have "PLANS" For this one. I rather can't wait to revile them! MWHAHAHAHAH!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

52 weeks of color - Week 49

Week Forty-Nine:


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- Outfit - Shabby Chic Duchess Outfit SLURL
Hair -!!Calico Creations!! Genevieve 2 - SLURL
Pose - I forgot to write it down, oops SLURL
Sim - [.XIV] Evanesce SLURL

And we have another neutral for this week. That was very close to Liver. And once again instead of looking in the GREYS to start I looked in my browns. Where I found the outfit I have on. It's an older one but the bustle color was perfect.

It had a hat, But said hat was HUGE on me. Not all hats look good on my head since I generally have to resize them. The one it came with totally did not. So I wore my pretty new Calico hair instead. The hair ornament comes with it.

SOOO looking forwards to next weeks color. It's Mulberry and I have TONS of stuff in that shade. Or a shade close enough to work.

For the sim I chose [.XIV] Evanesce. A sim I'd heard about from various places and just hadn't gotten around to visiting.

It has a lot of glowing stuff so finding a decent wind light for photos was hard. It's set to sunset by default though. Which did make things rather pretty. Especially if you are on the western border

Click to see bigger

Like HuMaNoiD of week 40 its a lot of little islands in water. But it doesn't have any skyboxes, that I found anyway. Each island a few things to play with on it. Which I did. Though the one island with the clock tower is on a privated off parcel so all I did was take a photo of it.

I ran into the lovely Kouse of Kouse's Sanctum. She was afk but I did get a shot of her modeling one of her lovely new designs, Beulah. Which I really need to go pick up when I have the monies for it.

Click to see bigger

I really enjoyed playing around with all the items scattered about the sim. And the sim itself is just amazingly lovely. I do highly recommend a trip to it.

Heck I set the water to "glassy" and the reflections on the sim are just amazing. There is a clear prim set JUST under the water so your walking on it instead of in the water and that makes for some lovely shots.

Click to see bigger

All of my photos of XIV can be viewed at

Now to get started exploring haunted places. I may revisit a few places I went last year. For starters, I want to see if any updates have happened to the sim that is a recreation of Halloween Town from "A Nightmare Before Christmas". And another sim changes its Halloween offering every year. Must see what this years is!

Oh and to pick over all my mulberry outfits and chose a good sim for that.

OH!! and Remember the place called Ruinsfall, the home of the Dryads from week 46? I said I had hoped it would get a full sim eventually and it HAS, here is the SLURL...I haven't been by it myself yet even.
Hmm..maybe for Mulberry...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

52 weeks of color - Week 48

Week Forty-Eight:

Moss Green

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- Outfit - Ivalde Maisie - Witch Hunt 2011 prize SLURL
Hair -!!Calico Creations!! Seelie - SLURL
Pose - { Just A Pose } My Fine Feathered Friend SLURL
Sim - Indigo Avery SLURL

I wanted to go someplace simple but fun and pretty and the Indigo Avery I saw on the Destination guide fit the bill perfectly.

Having picked up the perfect Moss Green dress just this week from a hunt I tossed it on a and went over to the aviary. It's not very big but so many lovely birds.

Click to see bigger

Indigo made her small little plot pleasing to visit, no annoying come at you birds like I've seen in the past. There's a small greenhouse, a pond and it has a lovely ocean view. And so many birds. I didn't even realize someone had made some of them for second life!

It's a lovely place to just go and relax for a while. Either watching the waves or by the pond. Mind the random goat on top of the pond gazebo though!

Click to see bigger

You can see all my shots from the Aviary at

Next week has me digging into my limited amount of neutrals again...the color is Wenge, which to me looks like a dark Liver. Who the heck names these colors anyway?