Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rez day!

I have been in Second life for NINE YEARS NOW


Next year I should do something big for my ten year.

Updated my Profile photo, which I did not do last year thanks to the depression.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

So excited

For the 5th year in a row I am an official Blogger for Fantasy Faire!


Can not WAIT to see these sims on April 19th! I need to go into my folders and fix the names for them for this year. Some sound SOOOO intriguing!

It will be a great way to fully start Relay for Life this year. And I am back with the Salmons! Back home. It will be a great year!

Little behind on the convo 5 a week thing I do, been having issues with the payment page. I've been told they are looking into it though.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time to Hoo again! STEELHEAD IS BACK!

Fuzzball has bought a sim. Named it Steelhead Bay and Steelhead is rising from the watery grave and is BACK!

And it really did rise from the depths...he got a water sim to start so had to bring the land up.

A light house has been placed and a town hall. Soon other Steelheaders scattered about Secondlife will be coming home. Including me and the Tea garden. Looking into a new build for it even. Had our first meeting tonight and it was great to be home again. Soon the sim will be open to more then just group memebers if there are any plots left to rent after we all get at them.

Salmons are back in RFL and that just feels right.

Welcome back Steelhead!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Little town

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Outfit !*WS*! Belle BlueMarketplace
HairExile::Librarian SLURL
Pose*CC* Book posesSLURL
SimThe ShireSLURL

So...yeah..its no secret Beauty and the Beast if my favorite movie.

And I have been waiting 20 or so years for a live action version of it. Ever since the Broadway Musical came out.

And this Thursday, Adar and I will get to make that dream come true when we go see the stunning, amazing, gorgeous looking live action version!

So I decided this week to do a few tribute photos, starting with this one! Enjoy!

And I am being oohh so good and not listening to the soundtrack before hand! A digital version of it is sitting on my hard drive unlistened to.

OH and there will be an update to my perma credits page. I have at last upgraded to a mesh body, Slink Body and hands!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I am back..

I hope

Last year I went through some, hard times. Lotta crap, lost my post at OKRF, lost our house, had to move, had to stya with a friend for a month and half. It was bad. I was depressed. Only thing that kept me going was Roleplay on Mischeif managed a sim I found last year after Alan Rickman died. Made my first human avatar on a new account as student, then a few months later made yet ANOTHER account to play a Teacher as well. And now I am ooc sim staff!

But that place kept me from going totally into a bad place. The friends I have made there are many and I love it. I am forever grateful to it.

But I did fall back out of sim exploring while struggling to not get depressed. Other then Relay related events I did do one sim, even doing the Christmas shots was hard.. A totally amazing LEA sim telling the story of the Last Unicorn. and I utterly regret not blogging it when I went to it as it's gone now but so beautiful. It was very interactive as well. And the scripting for some of the areas was amazing. I especially love how they did the midnight carnival,a ghostly fade over of each animal appeared showing what Mummy Fortuna made people see. Really was worth it. I hope the artist does another story this year. I will so go! The main reason I made sure to go to this sim is the Last Unicorn is a speical book to me. It is one of those ones that shaped my childhood, and a few years ago I had the privilege of meeting and getting to spend a morning chatting with its author Peter Beagle in the living room of a friends house.

Here's a few teaser shots. I'll toss some more on my flicker and you can see all my photos at the link above

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BUT, I am going to work on doing better now. And of course in a little over a month and a half we have FANTASY FAIRE coming up! I'll make another post tomorrow about that. So excited!