Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweet Valentine

Time for a FruitFetish

The fruit fetish line has a few holiday themed pose sets that you can get separate from the 12 pose fat pack and here is the first of them. Sweet Valentine!

You'll have to get this one in world at the deviousMind/chanimations store though, It's not on the marketplace SLURL*

This was a cute one to play with. It comes with the candy in my hand prop and an outfit but I opted for the corset and roses number from Vita's Boudoir instead

Vita's boudoir A Little Love Potion SLURL
Exile::Librarian Chic SLURL

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 7 - Valentines

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Week 7 Theme

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OutfitValentina Dress ~VANILLA~ by Caverna ObscuraSLURL
PoseaDORKable Poses: Je T'aimeSLURL
SimIsle of ViewSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

YAY new internet all installed and working great! Stuff rezzes faster I don't get bad lag now.

So I am pleased I did make it to Isle of View. Even if in the end the sim disappointed me. It's a linden built event sim so that may explain it. It's expertly built, But instead of a lovely varied build with secrets and hidden things, the same items are repeated all over the sim. A kissing booth, a patch of gorgeous flowers, a heart display, benches, bridges, trees and some fountains. The Swan boat ride, though is lovely and well done.

 There will be some events on it, so watch the Secondlife blog and facebook for announcements on it.

And be wary of rude newbies. I had one try to get me to go onto voice for who knows what reason. I refused and walked off when they wouldn't just type it out.

All my photos are seen here

Friday, February 6, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 6 - Dolls

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Week 6 Theme

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Outfit*katat0nik* (dk pink) Sweetness DressSLURL
Doll joints[AiTech] Tattoo Layer Doll Joints (Boxed)SLURL
Pose*~*HopScotch*~* Pretty Doll - WhiteSLURL
PoseAvailable at Romp FreshSLURL
SimSteelhead NevermoorSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

This is a day late and only one shot as yesterday was a not fun day at ALL.

 We where supposed to be getting new internet installed, WEEE YAY faster more stable service! To give the TL;DR version, it didn't happen and I had to wait around all day on very little sleep to learn that. And since I had put off going sim exploring till the faster internet this week, the post did not happen. And since today is try to on this, AND a trip out to OKRF, Again, just the one shot!

 But HEY, I still get to show off a fabulous new pose prop by Hopscotch, Put out JUST in time for this weeks theme! The Doll box comes in two colors and has several different poses. It is also Restrained Life compatible, for those that are into that. And you can pick it up at a new Kink themed faire called Romp Fresh.

 As for the theme. I chose Dolls as there is a wide way of representing them, and a wide range of feelings on them. Some people find them creepy as all get out, others are charmed by them. I fall in the middle but lean to charmed. SOME dolls are creepy as all get out, but most are rather pretty. And for around 25 years of my life, every Christmas my mother would give me and my sister a new porcelain doll. She stopped after a while, a few years after we turned 30 but is picking the tradition back up with my niece.

 Hopefully I can get back on track with sim exploring next week. I want to visit the Isle of View sim out for Valentines day!