Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving the end I decided to..go with all three! MWHAHAHAH

First Pilgrim and Feast! In the teahouse

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Next, a bit of funny, the burlesque turkey outfit. And let me tell you I could NOT find a normal FARM to take this shot on. I ended up in the Linden Cornfield.

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And the Native American.

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I hope everyone that celebrates this day has a good one.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Feast for Thanksgiving

A succulent Thanksgiving offering!


Available both at EatMe's flagship shop in Steelhead Nevermoor but for this week only can be gotten at Softpaw's Indoor Teahouse!

ok Add time over.

Some Fantastic news in that Adar got a job! It took two years but HUZZAH a job! We're quite thrilled.

Ok enough First life stuff.

Secondlife UGH.

I apparently have never made a Thanksgiving image. I know I've wanted too. But checking back I never posted one.

Today I realized why. Finding a cute outfit, and location, and POSE has been an ordeal and a half.

I have two cute Pilgrim outfits, but finding a pose and location proved a pain.

I have a very nice Native American Outfit. But, I'm leery of using that due to not wanting to look insensitive. Even though Adar is part Lakota in RL and said its cute and none offensive. But you never can tell what someone will get worked up over these days.

And I found this adorable Turkey Burlesque outfit. But again pose and Location.

Going to keep working till I figure something out. It's just turning into more of a pain then my Special occasion images tend to be.

Results will be seen on Thursday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eat Me bakery- Limited Edition Harvest Macaroons

So, Ambrose has asked me to be his Blogger for The EatMe Bakery. Since The EatMe blog isn't ready for the feeds yet I'm going to cross post the posts for it here till it is, That way it gets a wee bit more coverage.

He Joined 60L weekend and here is his first offering.

A fabulously scrumptious plate of Macaroon’s suitable for a harvest table. The platter offers you a delectable four flavors, ginger pear, pumpkin spice, cranberry walnut, and chocolate moose.

JUST for the weekend it is 60L available at EatMe's Steelhead Nevermoor Location SLURL

After this weekend they will be 150L Still a steal!

Like most of Eat Me's items it comes with an extremely low Lag temp-rezzing script. That has been checked out by several sim admins to make sure it will not adversely affect sim performance. So it wont eat your prims or your sim performance!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

52 weeks of color - Week 53 Rainbows for Luna

Week Fifty Three:


- Outfit - [av] Rainbow Dress Marketplace only Hair !!Hair Calico Creations!! Darla - SLURL
Arm Tattoos [XYR] Imma Rainbow Marketplace Pose - [S.LOVES] FAERIE POSES FATPACK SLURL
Sim - ::MYSTICAL SKYBOX ZANIMANIA:: in a sandbox SLURL for Skybox

So, last week I got a notecard from Kaelyn Alectro. She was asking everyone that participated in Luna's 52 weeks of color to do ONE last post. Wearing rainbows for Luna! To show her how much we love her for this challenge and how much we appreciate all her hard work.

Thank you so much for starting this challenge Luna. It was my first one and so much fun. I am so looking forwards to part two!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a just in case

So, rumor has it that blogspot may be integrated with google+. I am not sure what that would mean to my blogspot location for these posts. I still have my original Livejournal. But some people aren't to keen on using LJ and I am not sure if it feeds like it should to none LJ locations.

So I googled and worked at it and figured out how to make Semagic post to Wordpress. So now I have another mirror of this blog over at wordpress.

So for those keeping track here are all of the locations you can read me at the original location, Has the most posts and has been around almost as long as I've been in Secondlife The first mirror. Its the one that is set to feed into Iheartsl which happens randomly. The new one!

Feel free to follow and comment at any of them. All are set so anyone can comment no matter what journaling platform you use.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In the Palace at Versailles

[K~*~S] Anarella - Gown - Cherry Blossom comes with hair, tinted snow shade red
Forgot to write down which necklace but it's also from Kouse
Olive Juice- Olive Juice- Blooms FatPack of Flowers with Poses

I splurged recently and picked up some gowns from Kouse's Sanctum . LOVED this one so much I wanted to find a place to prance around in it that was appropriate for it's style.

I had heard there was a recreation of Versailles, so I searched, found it and went to have a looksee.

The Versailles sims turned out to be one of those that I would dearly love to see what they could do with unlimited prims.

Click to see bigger

They are not only a RL in SL sims but heavy RP sims of the time around Marie Antoinette, maybe a little before. You land at a hub where you can get clothing, for free, information and a visitors tag.

It was at the time set to a rather hazy windlight setting so after a bit of that I switched to midday.

The fist sim is mostly the vast garden lawn leading up to the Palace, There is a small store area just before you get to it with a lot of lovely selections to chose from.

Click to see bigger

You enter into the large courtyard and head to the building. Which I believe is still being worked on in places.

And here's where I wish this sim had unlimited prims. As most of their prims are going to the building itself and not furniture and other things that would really bring it to life. It's such a shame, as amazing a recreation of the building is, it needs the opulent furniture of the era to be complete.

I ran into a few people, all of whom where very nice. But not a whole lot. I guess I just wasn't there at busy times.

Click to see bigger

All in all I rather enjoyed my visit. It's an amazing build and well worth a look.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

52 weeks top 15

I joined the 52 weeks challenge a weeee bit late. But I still did all 52 colors. Just a lot of them in ONE sitting and ONE massively huge post Which will have all the outfit credits as well.

I joined it back when I started up a Blogger to go with the LJ I already had.This was back in July.

For the catch up colors I used a photo sphere and kept to one hair and one background, just changing poses and gowns. So around half of my favorite 15 come from that. Which few have seen I would wager *chuckles* I didn't upload them to my flicker cause ..I didn't feel like it :P

Anyway here is my top 15. I chose ALL THE PINKS!! MWHAHAHAHAH

now guess my favorite color :P

BigHugeLabs Mosaic Maker to make this

Click to see bigger

I had to muck with the following to link to the none flicker photos.

1.52 weeks of color week 7 Cerise, 2. 52 weeks of color week 11 Indigo, 3. 52 weeks of color week 17 Electric Lime,
4. 52 weeks of color week 19 Umber, 5. 52 weeks of color week 20 Sky Blue, 6. 52 weeks of color week 21 White,
7. 52 weeks of color week 28 Pink, 8. 52 weeks of color week 35 Electric blue, 9. 52 weeks of color week 40 Apricot,
10. 52 weeks of color week 41 Jazzberry, 11. 52 weeks of color week 43 - Liver, 12. 52 weeks of color week 46 - Brick Red,
13. 52 weeks of color week 49 - Wenge, 14. 52 weeks of color week 50 - Mullberry, 15. 52 weeks of color week 51 - Cream

If I had joined this when it started, there would have been an interesting evolution of my avatar to witness, as back at the start of this year I switched from using a Luskwood Housecat to an AnthroAX housecat. Then shortly after I actually started I made myself a new tail. It shows up for the first time in week 41.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge and can't wait to start it up again in January. The short break is perfect for me as in December I do my own personal daily challenge of a holiday outfit in a holiday area per day from the 1st to Christmas.

Thank you Luna for starting this! It got me out of my color comfort zone often and had me digging into the depth of my inventory. And a few of the hardest ones ended up in the top 15 even!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Wrap up

I, obviously, did not get to anywhere NEAR as many places as I would have liked this year. I managed a few though and here they are.

I tried to find locations that where unique and not just gorehouses, but sometimes stuff interfered with my exploration. And I still have hopes to get to a few that may linger around in November.

All of these save the Steelhead tour I got off of the Destination guide.


Click to see bigger

*Evie's Closet* Eden - Fall Edition 2011
>TRUTH< Gloria

Hellohallows is a cute lil location that I am not sure will still be around much longer. It has a hunt associated with is so you can snag a few goodies if it is. I enjoyed the ambiance and that it was Halloweeny with out being gory.

Click to see bigger

Sherewood Haunted Forest

Click to see bigger

ATOI-Fall Free Dress w/JEWELRY & SKIN!!
ATOI-Group Gift Halloween Pumpkin Jewelry Set Bx
'NSA' - Lantern (boxed)
>TRUTH< Cate -

I loved this lil graveyard. It was so full of character. It was a blast poking about it to find things that you could click on. My favorite was the dancing skellington photo thing. But the monster plant was fun as well. And the monster fridge made me laugh a lot.

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Hubble's Halloween Haunted House

!*GF* 2011 Halloween Gift Dress & Spider Choker
>TRUTH< Selena

I was really enjoying this place, then I went into the house proper, and for me at least, the halls where way to narrow to navigate easily. The fault is a mix of my AO and my Wings. I just could not SEE corners and such to turn and doorways to enter. So I had to give up. It looks really huge and I hope its still around for others to explore.

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Haunted Steelhead Tour

To many locations to post. Ask me for the landmark notecard. Plus this will not be around much longer.

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*Evie's Closet* - Happy Halloween 2009!
!!Calico Creations!! Tamra

These are my photos of this years Annual Haunted Homes contest in Steelhead. I entered the Teahouse, as usual. But not my home plot in Nevermore. Though at the end there are some shots of it and Ambrose's place, that he forgot to enter.

The tour starts in my teahouse and goes to all of the Steelhead sims. Some people really went all out for it! Can't wait to learn who won at next Tuesdays meeting.

I let the Unseelie fae take over the teahouse and turn it into a haunted Graveyard. Need to get it all cleaned up and fixed for Thanksgiving, then plan Christmas.

Click to see bigger

The destination guide does keep a permanent spot for haunted locations among its many categories So if you want to check out some places I didn't get to. OR see if these are still about go for it!