Friday, June 19, 2020

Relay For life of Secondlife 2020

It's been two weeks since Relay weekend and the sims have been removed and all the funds are in. It was a great weekend and we raised a RECORD 300,000 Linden!

I got to help build the Steelhead Camp sight which was fun. We didn't have a really fancy build but it was a Steelhead build.

Lots of the builds this year where interactive with various games you could play. And Strifeclaw had an amazing designer build that was a love letter to all of the Children of Stories Roleplays in Fantasy Faire. It brought back such memories. And she had a little quest to do and, I cried in the end.

/Photos taken before the relay

Photos Taken during Relay

Photos Taken After the Relay

Saturday, June 6, 2020

In the darkness there is a light

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Cancer is a tough fight. But, with loved ones around you they are the light in the darkness for those in that fight.



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The theme for Relay this year Is Game On Cancer and let me tell you the different teams took that theme and ran with it on the track. It's the largest and longest its been in a DECADE. Forty TWO sims! And some amazing builds.

Image from Gyazo

I got to help some with Steelheads camp Build on and that was fun!

Opening ceremony is soon and then Survivors/carevgivers lap then we all hit it! It's gonna be a GREAT weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Come, Dance with me..

Adar and I have been married 18 years as of June 1st.

18 years of dancing hand in hand and arm and arm.

No matter whats going on in the world as long as I have my Dragon husband at my side, I know we can face it.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim - Queensgarden

Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project.
Queensgarden by Gidgette Adagio.
The Fairelands Quest Region.

I really should have blogged the sim before today but I wanted to finish the quest first before I did it and that didn't happen till Saturday. Mostly due to I was exhausted and sleeping a lot and there was *and still is* plot stuff going down at Mischief Managed. Also I did it with my friend Striefclaw and she had things going on too. But we managed it and got the flood of prizes.

The sim itself is a stunning garden sim. That I could just live in and wish would stay around longer then the faire. Its just...ugh gorgeous.

The quest itself will take you through all the fairelands then to Queensgarden for the finish. Its not as long and complicated as in the past though the last step can take a while. Give it a go to try though! SOMETIMES they leave the quest sim up a few more days

You can see all my photos of the sim at this link here

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Agra Adara - Creators

Click here for a list of all the stores on Agra Adarawith SLURL's to their main stores I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire exclusive items, or items by FF vendors only.

SLURL to Agra Adara

Just a few items from here, theres loads of other things to grab. So do take a look at the sim!

This is a cute lil dress by {REC} called Fluttering Fae Dress. The wings are attached to the dress and so thats why I had to take my normal ones off. Its no mod so you cant turn them transparent BUT if your not super attached to the wings you have like I am thats not an issue. It comes with a hud for a range of colors but I liked the Rainbow one best!

For those that like to play a Lord of the Ring's Elf this gown is for you! It's by Eclectic Stars and is called Eowyn. Eclectic Stars is a shop just full of all kinds of geeky things so I do recommend a look see at it!

This is a cute lil rainbowy modern short dress called Dreams dress by Grumble. Ive not heard of the shop before but this is a cute dress with a kinda mermaid feel to it with the scales

Speaking of scales here is my handsome husband in Sakka's Studio's Ninja Outfit. It also comes with a hood and mask but those didn't fit him. And if you get the fatpack various parts are color change.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim - Agra Adara

Sponsored by United InshCon & Bad Katz.
Shopping Catalogue
Agra Adara by Eldowyn Inshan & Katz Republic.
From afar travellers have come. For countless days they have wandered in the darkness. Weariness hangs heavy on these souls, these seekers of the light. But in the distance there is a glow pulling them forward. The onion domes of Agra Adara illuminate the surrounding landscape in a blaze of sunlight, pure and golden. Hearts are warmed and rejuvenated as they enter the enchanted gardens of Agra Adara.

Want to go to the Taj Mahal with out traveling? This sim will get you pretty close! The build is evocative to a fairy tale city in India . With the Litaraly festivles theme of the Arabian nights this was a perfect sim to have appear this year.

Theres things to do besides shop as well! In the middle are horses you can click and get one to ride about on. And last week it was home to the other Roleplay going on and you can read all about that at this link

You can see all my photos of the sim at this link here