Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Mischief Managed's Wizarding Faire is open now and going strong! Come grab something magical! It's last day open isl Aug 9th!

SLURL to the faire

What would a shopping event themed around the Wizarding world be with out some Fantastic Beasts? Here's four you can buy and all of them are ANIMESH! For this photo I went to Mischief managed new Godric's Hollow area and I'm in front of the Magical Creature Reserve annex. Its kinda a hospital for magical creatures. It's run by Ig and TJ Ashworth.

You can learn more about the reserve here And all about Mischief Managed at their webpage at

Before we get to the critters lets talk about what I have on. It is a gorgeous dress by ALTAIR called Artemis. And while it DOES come in house colors, I love pink best of all and this pink and black is STUNNING so I had to wear it. The gemstone at my neck is part of the dress and is color change even out of the fatpack. I'm also holding another wand by Nishi called the Calla Wand. It's designed after a Calla Lily flower. Which is very clear if you buy the Limited edition colored version. Close up of the wand and the Gemstone here ALSO I am using one of the fabulous wand poses by LULUSTUFF from their Immobulus Bento Wand Pose Set

Now onto the fantastic beasts! Left to right

The brilliant bird is new by *HEXtraordinary* and it is their updated Fiery Phoenix. Now with Animesh! It has life stages going from Baby to old and the "death" animation has got to be seen in world. It makes me laugh so much. The flames are also animated and it has sounds. It's just another amazing critter by Corwin.

On the phoenix's stand is Nishi's Shoulder Thief a happy go lucky Niffler that you can get in a WIDE range of coat colors. He's meant to be worn on your shoulder, but to show him off better I rezed him out. Comes in two sizes, big and little and the animations are adorable.

On the ground is Jinx's Mooncalf Animesh Companion. This one I wore attached like its meant to be. He's just a big bundle of goofiness and comes with a hud with a range of animations in it.

And lastly about my shoulders is Clover adorable ohcami pet. This Occamy will NOT grow any bigger then able to sit about your shoulders! He comes with a few click to change positions and is animated to move about and be curious as to what your doing.

Just a few more days left to snag all these! come on over!

Friday, July 31, 2020

You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are just and loyal, Thosepatient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil

Mischief managed's Wizarding Faire is open now and going strong! Come grab something magcial!

SLURL to the faire

As I said I'm a Hufflepuff so, for this post I am showing off a host of Hufflepuff items for my fellow Badgers! And I am in the Hufflepuff commons in the Mischief Managed sims.

For the items in the photos! From the faire I am wearing Nishi 2020 Uniform. This was a Hogwarts uniform created by an rper with the rp in mind! Its fantastic and comes with a range of ways to style it and of course also has all the houses.

In my hand is the Hufflepuff version of HopScotch's Wixen Drink Gacha. For those that do not know Wixen is the accepted genderless version of Witch or Wizard. At lest accepted in Mischief Managed.

And under my foot is Raindale's - Sparrownest cushions double 2 resized down and set to Huffle colors.

Now lets get to all the fun stuff on display!

Starting with the two frames. On the Left is UnKindness's Poppin Prints with the badger. It comes with all four house mascots linked together but I separated out just the badger. On the right is Cheeky Pea's Framed Shirt Yellow which is a quidditch shirt for the Hufflepuff house. The bottom has two areas you can customize with photos and you can change the number and switch between no text badger and "sporty person" for the text. AND if you buy the fat pack of all the houses you can customize it even more!

On the left in front of the badger painting are the following items from left to right Granola. Harry's Buttery Beer Dispenser - Black/Yellow. This is a drink giver as well as a decor items!! Then in the middle we have comet. + gacha machine + {Badgers} This can both be used as a Gacha machine *script not provided, at least not in the blogger pack* or just decor! and then on the right is .TeaBunny. Gazing Orb. The pillow's color can be changed and there is a slight animation to the orb itself. You can see a close up of these three items here

In the middle we have three items. The critters are stuffed animals by Noxturnal and they are out of her Pygmy puff Stuffy Gacha. They are sitting on top of Violetility's Wizarding Radio in Badger. And in front of them is a cute lil bell jar with Quidditch stadum towers by Elm called the Wizarding Sports Dome . Then on the right the suit case is by Junk Food and is called House Case. It comes with everything inside the case! You can see a close up of these items here

And the very last item is the Kitty! It is Foxwoods floofy Kitty in light. EVERY so often it opens its eyes up and its just darling! Close up of it is here

One more week and a few for the faire. Get yourself down to it and grab some nice things!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Wizarding Faire opens in just a few hours!

I'm so excited for it theres just so many wonderfully magical things for you to buy at it. Clothing, animals, jewelry, items, poses and more. Mischief managed's Wizarding Faire opens in JUST a few more hours at 8 am SLT.

SLURL to the faire

Now, I'm a Hufflepuff so, thats the house I'll be representing if given the choice. But all the Hogwarts houses are represented in the items that give you the full range.

Theres even an item I will be showcasing in this post that takes you to OTHER Schools of magic! Which has me thrilled! So, here we go! For this photo I took myself to Kings Cross Station, Platform 9 3/4 in the Mischief Managed sims.

Both Adar and I are wearing brand new Uniform hoodies by Orange Peko. I'm Reping Hufflepuff as I said. BUT he's not in Gryffindor colors. NOPE...ILVERMORNY! YES the US school of magic. Who's uniforms are Blue and Cranberry. You can also get a Baby blue one for Beauxbatons, Brown for Durmstrang Or, Pink for Mahoutokoro. And of course all of the Hogwarts colors!

She also did up a set of her rag dolls in the Ilvermorny colors and I set one of those out but you can see a close up of it here

Adar is also sporting Orange Peko's Slim uniform pants and I have on her Belted uniform skirt to complete the ensembles.

In Adar's hand is one of the many new fantastic wands by Nishi. The one he's holding is the Stately Wand, and like all the wands by Nishi this round comes in 3 shades and a limited edition shade that only 15 of that shade will be sold. A close up of it can be seen here . Its a simple but elegant wand for an elegant wixen.

Meanwhile the wand I have is by Kore and is called Claudia's Wand. The handle comes in four pastel shades and is shown here in the light purple. I've also got on HopScotch's updated mesh Wand Holster. Comes in right left and rigged and unrigged versions, a hud with leather and other colors and versions both with or with out a wand. Close up of those are here

The luggage carts and poses we are using are by Sari-Sari and it is there Luggage Cart & Porter's Trolley. The two items are separate and each one comes with a variety of single and couples poses.

I mentioned critters you can get? Well two of them are here! The adorable owl on the broom is from YOKAI's - Owl Magic School Gacha and the Little bird critter is another gacha item from .banana peel's pygmy hippogriff gacha. Both gachas are full of a range of cute styles for you to try for! Close up of the owl. ... Close up of the pygmy hippogriff

And lastly I tucked onto the luggage cart I'm on a Beaters bat from Kore's Vaincre Bat gacha. Close up of that is at here I love how all the bats, and her wands this round for that matter, are named after characters in the Mishcef Managed Roleplay.

Speaking of that. Come join us! You can play a student, teacher, or adult with a WIDE range of jobs, both in and out of the Ministry. Let your imagination take you where you want in the wizarding world!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

It's coming ... Wizarding Faire 2020

Now, normally the only event I blog for is Fantasy faire.

Thats gonna be different this year.

As I've mentioned in the past I'm involved with the Mischief Managed Roleplay Sims.

Well they are at long last bringing back the well loved WIZARDING FAIRE!

Which on hindsight, the last one was my first time in the sims but only briefly to buy some things.

This year though. I'm a blogger! I'll be showing you all the amazing magical thing that a wide range of creators have made for it!

SLURL for it will be posted when it opens!

It's got some amazing stores in it, you can read the list here Group pool for photos!

See you there!