Friday, April 17, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 15 - Whimsy

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Week 16 Theme

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Outfit.Atomic. {LaLa Skirt} and {Basic Crop Top} SLURL
NecklaceCae :: Belle's Rose :: NecklaceSLURL
Hair~Tableau Vivant~ Faux dreads - Namiriel SLURL
Pose:+:SS:+: "Got Wings?" SLURL
Sim~Pandora Box of Dreams~ Dream 002:
Dreams Of Endless Spring

Next Weeks Theme

So this is a day later then it should have been due to the last driver update for my graphics card made Secondlife Crash every time I took a photo. Figured out how to roll it back to a previous one and all's good! But it did mean I needed to change the sim I explored, as the Gardens Of Whimsy Sim, SLURL, has a LOT to see and I didn't have as much time. So I chose to go to Pandora's Box of Dreams new build, Dreams of Endless Spring.

I will just have to go back to Gardens of Whimsy later.

The new Dream on Pandora is just as lovely as the last one. It's a semi "water sim" but with lots of flowers and trees and rocks. And some houses scattered about. AND there is a secret underwater area for you to find! I throughly enjoyed my visit to this sim. And I am looking forwards to seeing the next dreams to appear on it.

All my photos can be seen at this link

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 15 - Art

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Week 15 Theme

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OutfitThe Secret Store - Celestia Flounce Skirt and Pinkie Lacey BlouseSLURL
Headpiece. a i s l i n g . Pimflette elegance Headdress //SLURL
Hair*Calico* Melora SLURL
PoseConspiracy Theory & Exposeur - Painting Pictures SLURL and SLURL
SimSparkys by Romy NayarSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

So, I was so excited about something I was doing last Thursday that I completely forgot to post this. To the point of I forgot I forgot to post it till today! OOPS!

Oh and what was it? I was meeting Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn. A book VERY important to my childhood. It was part of the screening tour of the movie. But I was getting a bonus, as he prefers to stay with his fans instead of a hotel. And my friends I was staying with where his hosts in Tulsa! *flails* We spent Friday Morning just talking with him in their living room!

So yeah, between that and knowing my new RL wings by Fancy Fairy, loosely based on my SL wings, where due in I was a tad scatter brained Thursday.


For the theme this week I went to a fun color themed build by the amazing Romy Nayar.

The build is 99% done in blacks, whites, and grays. It is a town that is just discovering color and you will spot it in various locations. And at one point you will meet a woman who will give you a free hud and an invite to join a group. Join the group and wear the hud and fiddle with it. And you can draw in the air of the sim. Adding your own temporary bit of color!

The build is also a bit fun to get around as its one long chain, connected at various spots by different means of transportation. And its a no fly area so if you fall, you gotta start alllll over again. But the platforms are rather well done so you shouldn't fall.

All my photos of it are at this link

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ice My Berry!

At last I am caught up! Here is last weeks SugarRush !

It's called Ice My Berry!

Of all the Pin up poses I've done so far, this one is my favorite. Between the pose and the colors and the prop that came with...I just love it.

As for the other credits

Outfit Schadenfreude Bubblegum Ice Cream Gluttony outfit and corset SLURL
"D!va"" Hair "Ririth" SLURL

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Creme de Coco

Time to play more catch up! Here is March's FruitFetish

It's called Creme de Coco

I knew just what I wanted to wear with this one.

The poses gave me wing fits, as they where all on my back and my wings inside the shell. But I played around some with wing settings and managed this shot!

As for the other credits

Outfit Has Been - Aloha Swimsuit Pink SLURL
Tameless Hair Becca SLURL

Monday, April 6, 2015


Time to play more catch up! March'sSugarRush is here

It was JellOhhhhhh!

I had a hard time picking the outfit for this one. Didn't want to go with green, purple looks good with green so I ended up with what you see!

As for the other credits

Outfit [Wishbox] Whimsy (Wisteria) SLURL
*Evies closet* Arianwen Wreath - Purple Marketplace
Analog Dog Hair - libra la SLURL

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 14 - Easter

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Week 14 Theme

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OutfitVita's Boudoir Happy Easter DressSLURL
Hair""D!va"" Hair "Yunie" SLURL
PoseEmbody Prop Pose Pack F SCRAMBLEDSLURL
Sim2015 Easter TownSLURL
SimBotanica's A-Mazing Easter Egg HuntSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Easter, I am fully aware of the importance of this holiday to some, heck my Dad's a preacher. But I am now of another faith. So, for me, it no longer has that meaning. Now for me its about springtime, colored eggs, chocolate, bunnies, and flowers.

And so to revile in those, I chose two areas, 2015 Easter Town and Botanica's A-Mazing Easter Egg Hunt to explore. You can see all of the photos I took here .

Easter town is on the sim that for every holiday they change the theme. I'm not sure what the next one will be, possibly not open till they do it up for the 4th of July.

It was bright, colorful, and cute, with many things to do and buy. Events, Hunts, games, and poses all over, there is even an egg decorating contest going on. You could win 7000L ! But it was SUPER crowded with a lot of newbies and something was making my viewer eat up memory to the point of crashing. JUST on that sim, it was fine on others. Might be my system, a graphics card glitch, but thought to warn others if they go. I did enjoy it though! I picked up some things and may go back for a tree they have..

Botanica's A-Mazing Easter Egg Hunt is the other place I visited. I went to two places as, due to the above mentioned Memory crash and very crowded issue I was not able to stay on long enough to set up and rez in the props to get it done at easter town.

Plus I just LOVE the Panoramic eggs they had set up in the Egg hunt area! A bit out dated as they used a lot of Alpha textures and low prim mesh, but still very pretty.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 13 - Rez day

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Week 13 Theme
Rez day

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Outfit-AZUL- Issy /Sakura (2ndRunnerUp/MVW2015) SLURL
JewelryZURI~Miss Metaverse 2013 Vintage Pearl Pink Diamond Tiara SLURL
JewelryZuri Rayna~Belle Hearts Set-Pink Diamond/Pink NecklaceSLURL
HairOakLeaf Hair Khaleesi Hair Marketplace
PoseCelestics - From the WoodsMarketplace
SimWanderstill, OdeSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

So this was obviously meant for last Thursday, the one before my Rez day on Saturday.

Every year I update my Profile photo. I also do it at major avatar changes. And for this weeks theme I decided to Show off all my past Profile photos. The photo I used for this week is my new profile photo.

As for the rest we will start with the very first one in 2008!

I can tell this was taken in the Cathedral at Isle of Wyrms. I am in my very first Avatar by Luskwood. And I THINK the outfit is by either fancy fairy or Caverna Obsurca...but not sure which one.


Still in the luskwood, and I KNOW I am wearing Caverna Obscura as it is one of my favorite early outfits based on a Nene Thomas painting that I LOVE. This sim is my old plot I had to give up years back.


Not a clue here about anything other then still in the Luskwood..


And here we have the first base avatar change into an Anthroxtacy Cat. The dress I know is by Evie's Closet. Rest not a clue, though I THINK the sim is the same as the 2010 one.


The year I started wearing glasses in SL. Still in the Anthroxtacy cat. Can't remember anything else.

2012 also was the year of a base Avatar change..twice.

First I switched to the Kinzart Kreetures House Cat with a tabby coat as tinting the white cat didn't work the eyelids stayed white.

But between September and October of 2012 I managed to find someone to make me a custom skin so I was happily back to cream.

And I can't find that Profile photo...I might have held onto the tabby one for a bit. Because the profile pic change in 2103 took place in January not March. According to the dates on the photos at least..


Kinzart with a custom skin. No clue on anything else.


And here is last years! I haven't changed base Avatars in a while as very few new house cats have emerged, most involve a TON of modding other base avatars with very little in the way of expressions.

I kinda wish Anthroxtacy would update their house cat to mesh. They had the best expressions of all three avatars I have used.

And NOW I am all caught up with the Themes. Time to go catch up on the Pin up poses!

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 12 - Spring

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Week 12 Theme

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OutfitVita'a Boudoir Fairy AffairSLURL
PoseSecret Body - Princess poseSLURL
SimWanderstill, OdeSLURL

Next Weeks Theme
Rez day

So for this week that was originally meant to be posted the day before Spring started I chose a beloved sim that I knew was the epitome of SPRING. And also was relatively simple and wouldn't take me all that long to rephotograph it.

However, apparently the amazing Saiyge Lotus is in the middle of redoing both Ode and Oubliette and adding a ton of stuff, including fun with tunnels under the mountains! A LOT more to see and find then in the past. And she's still in the middle of the redo. So I stuck with going to Ode and skipped doing Oubliette as it was having more work done at the time.

And so what I thought would be an hour or two turned into a several days worth of exploring to make sure I found it all, also I had other things to do so couldn't do it in one sitting..I took a ton of photos, all of which you can see here

And if you haven't been to these two iconic Secondlife sims in a while GO AGAIN! Much has changed, but the amazing flower fields are still about.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

7th Rez day!

Seven amazing years in Secondlife. Starting the 8th year now! Wow. It does yet it doesn't feel like its been that long.

So many changes over the years and yet some things still stay the same.

 Here's to the next year! Hope it is as good as the previous ones.