Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 5

Week Five:


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Outfit -The Sea Hole - Gittana Sheer panel Blouse - Patina
The sea Hole (slx: Highwaisted Engineer Shorts (sand) SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Annalise SLURL
Pose Striking poses_Fairy Essence Poses SLURL
Sim - Not Everything is Plain B&W by Fuschia Nightfire SLURL

So, after searching my wardrobe, I had to admit to not having anything in this color. So I had to resort to buying it. *makes a face* So trying not to do that.

I am wagering several others used this top as well as the marketplace had SO FEW items listed under "patina". But I really don't care as I think this outfit is adorable and I have found a new favorite store to love for a more casual look then my usual gowns. LOOK I'M IN PANTS!! That doesn’t happen often, But The Sea Hole has several different Capri pants and longer shorts. It made me happy. I'd wear a LOT of The Sea hole in RL if I could.

For the sim, this time I went 180 from last week and chose a sim in blacks and whites. I first saw it on Honour's post menopausal view., but it's also in the destination guide. It looked like a fun place to explore so off I went.

You start out in a small shop of freebies. It contains outfits you can wear to match the sim if you want. I obviously chose not to, and I loved seeing the contrast of my wings against the lack of colors of the sim.

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Outside of the store is all white, with a large crack, you go down the crack. Your first view is of a star field with the constellations. Then you go forwards. There is a "Path" that leads you all over the sim in fact. You can wander on your own as well.

After the constellation room you go through a few more rooms and tunnels, till you emerge to the surface.

There are a number of vignettes to visit on the surface. First a lake with a house. You can wander with the silhouettes.

Following the path you find yourself among some zebras. I LOVED the Zebras, which is why I chose them as my color image. After the zebras there is a tunnel thing like you emerged out of, and you then enter a mushroom area. Which if course I loved. But then, its giant mushrooms.

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Also a creepy spider runs around..did I forget to mention that? *cackles*

Leaving the mushroom area you find a music box with a dancer. One of the outfits you can get is a ballet outfit. so if you wan to fit in wearing that here's the place! There are a few other statues scattered about. Off the path. Go look at them before you walk into the doorway of static as that leads you back to the white room at the entrance. I could NOT find my way back through the static tunnel and had to go all the way through the other areas again to get out.

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All in all, it was quite an enjoyable art sim. Its so different seeing Sl with out much color. Rather like last years Fashion for Life faire.

You can see all my photos at this link

I'm thinking of dragging the Dragon into next weeks photos. Its a really light blue. So we’ll see what I can find for him. As I HAVE to buy his stuff as he has barely any outfits. He likes to just run around in his Indiana Jones ensemble.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disappearing Sims - Cake

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Dress - Cupcakes & Poetry - candyland ensemble SLURL
Jewelry - {Violet Voltaire} Cuppycake Birthday Set
{Violet Voltaire} Lollipop Guild Rainbow Set SLURL
Hair - Tameless Hair Chrissie - SLURL
Pose - Magnifique - Sweet Like Sugar (Single Poses) (Boxed) SLURL
Sim - Cake SLURL

I found this sim when I was looking for one to take photos for Electric Indigo. I knew the moment I laid eyes on it JUST what outfit to wear while exploring it. My Candy outfit based on Katy Perry's California gurls outfit. While doing the exploring of the place I learned that the maker of the outfit has a small sky shop on the sim! I dressed it up with some cute candy/cake themed jewelry and a new hair and set out to explore.

And learned that this wonderfully whimsical nommy sim will be vanishing mid February! *sad fae kitty face* It is up for sale so hopefully someone will buy it and keep it just as is. Its a homestead sim so it shouldn’t cost TO much. No idea why the owner is selling.

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It's a candyland fantasy sim. So cute and adorable. So many things to sit on and mess with. All scattered about the land. I loved it so much. Some of the items are for sale and I picked them up to help support the place. what I'm going to do with giant pink tentacles I have NO idea though.

I took tons of photos so that what is there can be remembered.

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If you go click on things! there is a cake cannon, so many items to sit on. An Alice cupcake area. A "spicy" area and so much more. It's inspired me to do a candy theme to the tea garden at some point. Most likely for Easter.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 4

Week Four:


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Outfit - **TWA**Arcane Princess Group Gift Gown Set-Boxed SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Monique SLURL
Pose Olive Juice- Fall Frills (skirt-friendly) SLURL
Sim - Peacock fantasy garden SLURL

Stories tell of iron
As the metal fairies dread
It's the rending of the earth
That does the deed instead

When I saw the color for this week I had to laugh.


For those that do not know. The Fae and Iron have traditionally NOT gotten along at all. Iron was a way our ancestors kept the Bright Folk at bay. By many things such as carrying around an iron nail, or putting An iron horse shoe over your door.

Now as to why iron was picked to be such a great fairy repellent, I never understood. It's a natural element, fae like nature. In my rp I usual ignore this little bit of lore, especially in this day and age. To much iron used in our daily lives.

I'm not the only fae to wonder this, however. My good friends in the band Elvendrums wondered the same thing. To the point that they wrote a song about it, called Iron, Which I quoted above. Their explanation was its not the element itself, but what humans DO with it, and do to the earth to GET it, that the fae don't like. Their preamble to it when they perform it explains it much better

Turlock said that for this week I should find some chains, wrap myself in them and look in pain. I gave him my usual long suffering look for his dumber ideas and said no. For starters I'd have to buy those and I did NOT want to put the marketplace on the adult filter to find them. Secondly I am TRYING to do this with out buying anything :P

Plus I like looking pretty thank you very much!

So instead, I used a lovely White Armory gown. It was the first grey gown I tried on and was perfect. No digging! Unlike for next weeks color patina, which even the marketplace doesn't have a lot of! At least under that name.

Since Grey is so well, dull, I wanted to find a really colorful place to explore, and the destination guide gave up the goods! The Peacock Fantasy Garden!
Which was oddly lacking in any of said birds.

I'm not sure if the SLURL I posted above will take you right there, or if you'll get waylaid by a TP point, if you do, there’s a sign to click to go up to the garden in a skybox.

Click to see bigger

And while it lacked in the bird, other then some giant sized feathers and a railing image. It had TONS of colors! I fell in love with the bright pink heart flowers and want some for my own but could not find any in the creators shop.

I also of course loved the giant mushrooms. But the trees they had are also quite neat. The oddly textured trunk ones caught my eye. THOSE I did find in the creators shop! Which i forgot to snag a SLURL to..

Click to see bigger

It's not a very big area, but if you looking for a nice place to dance, it's is it. Big dancing platform. Also several cuddle spots underneath the platform.

There are a few posing items scattered about. big fairy wings on legs and a moon. I loved both of them, but the moon really caught my fancy.

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As it was so small exploring it went quickly. Now to go find a dress for Patina! Oye!!

You can see all of my photos from the garden at

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 3

Week Three:

Electric Indigo

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- Outfit - FallnLotusHanfuSpringExclusive - old hunt Gift SLURL
Hair *SS* Lexi SLURL
Pose - :+:SS:+: Music Box Pose Prop Stand SLURL
Sim - Mysterious Wave SLURL

Procrastination thy name is Softpaw!

This post is so LATE because I kept doing the "oh I'll just finish X thing first then make the 52 week post" Bit.

First it was finishing getting the last remits of a virus off my comp, then it was the Sopa blackout day, then I nearly KILLED my comp by messing with the CPU *all hail Adar for fixing THAT screw up* and now its today. And if I don't do it NOW it wont get done before the next color!

And on top of all THAT, my little corner of the world of Renaissance faires is reeling from the loss of one of our own. Which reminds me to post the pledge I made here as well, its most important HERE.

On the 18th, Cancer claimed another victim, a wonderful man that many know and love. I didn't know him well, but he was always kind to me at Whitehart. And had a wonderful smile.

This year, I will as I have for the past several years, be participating in Relay For Life of Second Life, Starting March 10th, and going until sometime in July. I'm not sure of the end date.

I am hereby pledging to donate at least 5 dollars a week in Pat's name once the Relay starts. Every Thursday I will add it to the meter on my donation page I will set up once I am able to. I will be posting a link to this page and I challenge others who knew Pat to match my donation.

I plan to make sure I donate at LEAST 100 total to the meter, To fund research to find a cure so we don't have to loose anyone else to this horrible disease.

And that is 100 ON TOP OF what I donate while in Secondlife, those donations don't get added to my meter.

I've also got my Relay item to build to sell planned. A recreation of the treasure chest his group always gave QE.

And...I'm not sure how to segue to a normal post after that other then to say this! :P

I have so much purple. Finding the RIGHT shade was the tricky part, In fact I had several outfits that would do. So after digging through my entire purple folder *which, for the record, took a while* I called Turlock in to pick from the choices. He picked the one I was slightly leaning towards so it worked out well.

Had NO idea where to go for this outfit. I couldn’t find an Asian themed sim I liked enough. So I picked a random one from my to explore folder.

Mysterious wave. Which I am sure gets redone time to time. So this is what it was when I was there.

Click to see bigger

Its a quirky whimsical sim with a bit of a macabre side to it. I enjoyed the bird swarms and the way the land form the tree roots in places.

I would have loved to learn what the symbolize was of the objects. But couldn’t find anything. so I just enjoyed them for what I saw.

Click to see bigger

This is not a sim object, this is a person in an avatar you can buy in the skybox store on the sim.

It took me a couple days to finish with the photos, see procrastination above. At once point I had a weird glitch happen and half the center tree vanished! A reboot fixed that though.

The store is a bit of a style switch from the ground, going much more lighter in tone. With lots of pink and mushrooms and glowly flowers. Its where I took the dress image.

Click to see bigger Wave/ All my photos

And that's it for Electric Indigo! I DO have Iron *wtf Iron for a FAIRY?* picked out, just not a sim. And I wont be getting to that till tomorrow. Today is makeup for not going much of anyplace on my birthday due to being sick day. Going to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3d!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's my RL Birthday!

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So I made the PINKEST image I could! And included CAKE!! Sadly not Ambrose cake but its still cake!


Outfit Caverna Obscura - Winter Faerie ~SUGAR~ SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Velvet SLURL
The PINKEST Skybox EVER - {Frick} Valentine's Day Skybox SLURL
Pose and Cakes - [LA] The Cupcake - Multipose SLURL

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 2

Week Two:


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- Outfit - *Evie's Closet* Nereida Goldfish Mermaid SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Aloha SLURL
Pose - SERENADE Deluxe Mystic Mermaid Pack SLURL
Sim - Mermaid Temple SLURL

Yes you can proceed with making Cat Fish jokes,

Well, for one I am doing MUCH better then last week. Still a little under but at least I'm able to Do stuff now. Thank you those that wished me better health.

Two, Today is my RL Birthday. I'm now 37. No one believes this though. But really I am!! Pink hair *yes I have a pink hair in RL, its Red on top pink on bottom* and Glitter and fairy wings and all not withstanding! I'm young at heart and it really shows.


I did not do as good at digging out something coral from my inventory as I hoped. Everything I had labeled as "coral" was either jewelry to small to see, or WAY WAY pinker then the swatch showed. I'm not big on oranges and the swatch, and the coral earrings I own, are more an orange then a pink.

But one of the items was one of Evie's Stunning Mer tails. So I poked over ALL my mertails and decided that Evie's Goldfish tail had enough Coral highlights to do. It was that or Tint a freebie white tail I recently picked up with the color which I felt was cheating.

Then while exploring the Area I picked. I found a school of Coral fish so included them as well in the photo MWAHAHHA!! Still kinda cheating though. NEXT WEEK THOUGH! I know I wont have to fudge at all. It's a Purple and the only thing I have more of then Purple clothing, is Pink clothing.

The area I chose off of the Destination guide. It's called Mermaid Temple and it's part of a larger grouping of Sims. That includes a fairy area I haven't gotten myself out of the water to explore. I stuck to just the sim called Mermaid temple and I feel I still have stuff to see on it in truth! I need to go back and poke around more.

You start out in an underwater Mall. Which is good for none mers to find a nice tail and an AO. Which might I recommend ANY of Sala Snook's Mermaid ao's. She's the genius ao maker behind KAMI-HITOE and has some stunning animations. I also own all her fairy ao's and recommend them as well. My personal Ao contains her Fairy ao animations as well as some other animations. SLURL to her store.

Click to see bigger

There are some stairs going down which leads you to the none store area. which is fantastically decorated. I think its broken up into small plots, as some are empty. So if your looking for a small mer location check it out!

Click to see bigger

There's loads of room to swim about and things to see. So many fishies! I love the huge schools I found. As well as lots of nooks and crannies. Loads of sunken treasure and ruins to play about it. All it needs is a sunken ship!

Click to see bigger

There's many pose balls scattered about if you just want to dance underwater a while as well. The area my color photo is from was so interesting to me I switched into a few other Evie mertails to play around for a Livejournal icon. I still haven't quite decided which mertail will be my main one. It used to be my seven's selections one. Which is still a fav, due to it uses a skirt layer over the legs instead of a middle prim to hide the gap and smooth the look of the tail. But Evie's are just so pretty!!

After a while of being underwater I swam up and stuck my head above water. BTW..the best thing I have found for keeping level underwater is the Swimaid hud that Sala recommended with one of her AO's . No more flying out of the water with it!

Click to see bigger

I did not however get OUT of the water to go explore the temple or the lands. As I said before its a part of a MUCH larger grouping of sims and will take some time to explore. I do plan to go back. TO at the very least see what’s topside of the temple! The build looks stunning.

Click to see bigger All my photos from the Temple

And to go do Birthday stuffs!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 1

Week One:


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- Outfit - *Goddess* Phantom Think of Me Gown in Champagne SLURL
Hair **Pocket Mirrors** Nastassja SLURL
Pose - aDORKable Poses: Snowflakes SLURL
Sim - My home plot in Steelhead Nevermoor SLURL

A New Year full of Colors has started!

The year is however, not off to a good start for me. I am sick. So instead of going to a location to explore I'm just giving you the single dress shot. I promise to do better for week two though!

I had NO champagne ..that I could find in a short search due to the sick, in my inventory so I had to do something I try not to for the challenge, buy it off the market. But, I do love a good Movie gown reproduction so it was worth it. And next weeks color, I already have something of!! Woot

ok..I think it's time for me to head back to bed. I'm not sure how coherent this post was..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

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And to start the New Year off, I introduce to you Adar's new look! He wanted to update his look as he has a new computer and will be joining me in world some. So away went the old Luskwood and the Kinzart Kreetures entered. He used a mix of the Central and Western dragons to make this look.

He may join me every so often in the new round of 52 weeks of color. The new challenge starts today! First color is Champagne. Gonna have to dig up something and go find a place to explore.

But not now, Now ..I am going to go crash.