Friday, August 23, 2013

Disneybound Challenge Week Twenty Three: Carl & Ellie

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OutfitDCNY Clothing Co._Hariette Outfit (Pink)_[BOXED]SLURL
Hair/Wasabi Pills/ Kamiko SLURL

On Adar
Pants[DRIVEN] - Tan Cargo Shorts SLURL
Shirt{Paradise Kiss} Nil-mesh cardigan-brownMarketplace
HatAviator Cap with goggles and headphone [box] Marketplace

Pose*{what next}Balloon Love Pose SetSLURL
SimSteelhead NevermoreSLURL

I remember watching Up when it first came out.

I remember bawling my EYES out at the first fifteens minutes of the film.

And I remember feeling, after those minutes, that Adar is my Carl.

So I wanted to get this one right.

I looked for the start of the movie online and could not find the whole thing, but I found this!

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