Monday, April 8, 2013

My SL Pet Peeves Meme

Next up int Strawberry Singh's blogger _____ Memes RANTING TIME!

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Outfit The Sea Hole - New Romance( Mesh) Wrap Blouse SLURL
Outfit The Sea Hole - New Romance( Mesh) Jeans SLURL
Hair[LeLutka]-JASMINE hair/Dark Red SLURL
Pose:+:SS:+: The Lion - Leo Tribute SLURL
SkyboxThe Grove - Pack perfect prefabsMarketplace

Her personal note and description of what to do for this one made me giggle.


I have a feeling this meme might cause a bit of drama, but I figured that I’m usually pooping rainbows so I should be allowed to vent my grievances sometimes, no?

Meme instructions: Share your top five SL pet peeves. Don’t forget to link your post in the comments so I can come read!

I can get somewhat incoherent when I get ranty, even after several revisions, so please if your not sure what I am saying, ask for clarification.

1 Anti - anything but a normal looking human- people and sims

Secondlife lets you look like ANYTHING you want to. Why on earth should I be restricted to being just a normal looking human? As I said before, if I go to a sim that wont allow me to keep the fur and the wings, no matter how pretty the build I don't go to it. I am quite willing to wear a visitors tag or an ooc tag, but to change the core of "me" in world, nope, not gonna happen. You're sim, your rules of course, I'm just not going to visit if you're rules make me change anything other then my clothing.

Last year I tried to apply to some modeling academies, not to become a model, but to learn the skill sets they teach about posing for photos, putting together outfits, and other things that could benefit me as a blogger. I was told that due to me being a fur it would be pointless for me to take the classes, as no one hires furs to model.

Ninety-nine percent of us fur folk are just like anyone else, we just want to look like a humanoid critter. I wont speak of the other 1%..every group has its creeps. Please stop thinking we're all the creeps.

2 Talking attachments

I do not need to know that you are fishing, or that your fake baby is making your avatar have to pee, or that your really happy and your tail is showing it. Set those suckers to only talk to yourself! It's obnoxious to see it in main chat!

3 Rigged Mesh Hair, hair that requires a hair base, and no mod hair.

I, clearly, am a none human who wears "human" hair. I have to modify ALL of my hair I wear, no exceptions. So thusly the following things frustrate me to NO end.

I get that rigged mesh hair is the new big thing, that it sells and that as a none creator I really have no business being annoyed by this. But 99% of rigged mesh hair I can not WEAR as I can't resize it to fit. No amount of mucking with sliders will make it fit either, the ways it needs to change to fit, aren't affected by the sliders.

Hair makers, PLEASE throw us furs a bone every so often and give us some nice none mesh hair that we can fit to our heads! Heck I'd be willing to pay double for a none mesh version of some styles out there now. Some makers have thought of a clever idea and make the rigged parts a second attachment to the part that covers my HEAD, like the style I have on in the above photo. Those I can wear easily as I can resize the parts that go on my head and not the rigged parts that go down my back or over my shoulders!

If you are still making hair is not mesh, but requires a tattoo layer hair base, I also can't wear it as the base wouldn't show as my head sits atop it and the hairstyle is thusly ruined. What would work there is if creators could throw the texture they use for a hair base on a single, no trans but mod prim for us to fit to our heads. I've even asked a few hair designers for such a prim, willing to pay for it, and either they didn't understand what I wanted or just didn't want to do it. I would wear SO MUCH of their hair if I could only get myself a prim version of the hair base, as they are still making none mesh hair! I don't need it in ALL your hair colors just the red shade I use!

Also, no mod hair, that doesn't even have a resize script? You have sucked for years before rigged mesh appeared. Stop doing that! At least toss on a simple resize script in that baby!

My hair style are getting woefully out of date. I see so many fantastic styles out and I can't wear them. I get demo after demo and they just look horrible on me.

And if anyone knows of hair creators still making none mesh hair that has a nice dark red let me know!

I just want pretty new hair I can wear, is that so bad to want?

4 No SLURLs in blog posts

You're blogging an item made by someone and have said who made it. PLEASE add a SLURL or Marketplace link so I can find the item your talking about! Add it TO the post as its a lot easier then searching your usually incomplete page of stores you showcase page.

5 No response to questions

I took the time to read your profile, find out the correct alt, or email address to send a question to in the format you prefer. Please respond back to me. Even if its a "Thank you for your question, but the answer is no". I would rather be told no then to get no answer at all and be left to assume the answer to whatever I asked is no.


  1. #4 drives me crazy too. I love bloggers that take the time to link a slurl or at least the designer's name so I can look them up if the slurl changes.

    1. It's even worse when they don't put the proper name of the store. I can handle just having the shorthand from the box if they put a SLURL, but both? Gah!

  2. Does #1 really happen that often? Aside from Gor I hadn't stumbled on any, though it's not just 'normal humans' it's normal -adult- humans and I've boycotted a [non-adult] sim in the past that said no kids. Kid avatars in SL are picked on even more than furs and again, it's only the 1% that are creeps! I hate discrimination of every kind so definitely with you on this one.

    #3 Argh this one hadn't occurred to me, as I don't often wear fur heads and then frequently prefer them without hair; I REALLY sympathise with you on this one >.< *Hugs!* Have you tried Tekeli-li? His styles are quite flamboyant but lovely, mod, and with huge variety of colour/texture change on the ornaments (via chat rather than HUD, which can be a bit fiddly). He is currently having a 50% downsizing sale so well worth a visit.

    #4 Umm.. guilty as charged, sorry! But most of the items I blogged in the colour challenge were old; the landmarks I had with them were almost all out of date. It took me long enough to set up the shots and posts without hunting down 5-6 new creator lms per post; I figured everyone can use search and was careful to put full store names, or creators where the store was no longer running. When I blog more recent items I do link them, because I know it's handy.

    1. #1, not as often as it used to. Once I got the "no furs" notice from a 7 seas fishing place. The height of ridiculousness! And you're so right on the kids issue as well.

      #3 I love Tekeli hair! But they aren't putting out much these days and its always so script heavy to wear. But its fantastic and appeals to my love of hair decorations built into the hair. So I have a number of their styles.

      #4 old items are given a pass in regards to my peeve!