Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mischief Managed - A Hogwarts RP sim

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Outfit - Robe and sweaterOrange*Pekoe - True black robe (school ed.) - BadgerMarketplace
Outfit - Skirt*Just BECAUSE* Pencil Skirt - Fitted&Belleza - BlackSLURL
JewelryOrange*Pekoe - Badger Pride Necklace (gift)Marketplace
WandDusk Designs: Gabon Ebony Lovers WandMarketplace
PoseEmbody Prop Pose Pack F HERMIONESLURL
SimMischief ManagedSLURL

I love this outfit by Orange*Pekoe for Hogwarts roleplay or photos, but I can't FIND it anymore in the store, So in the tribute photo Chess has on a different outfit by the same designer. A lot of the lovely outfits she used to sell are gone from the shop. I have a gorgeous adult robe by her that's so lush. I wonder why she stopped selling them.

All of my photos of Mischief Managed can be seen at this link.

Now onto this sim. HOLY COW THIS SIM!!! I went on the open day "Muggle Monday" when they let none roleplayers in. They ask you to wear an OOC indicator which I did except for the above photo and the tribute one. To join the roleplay they have an extensive application and when you see the system they use its understandable why. It takes place 20 years after the events of the books, and is in its third year on the grid, putting the rp currently in the year 2023. The RP system for the classes is intriguing and the build is just stunning. I'm highly tempted to make an alt to have a go at the rp, as its strictly a cannon rp so no furs or fairies in the rp. Just visiting on Mondays!

The sim itself is just so amazing and as close to movie accurate as you can get in SL. I was constantly blown away by how detailed the build was. You'll start in Hogsmede for the landing point, it's an ooc area where you can go at any point of the week. It has some shops and a few IC areas but as long as you don't interrupt the RP you're fine.

There's two ways to get into castle, one is in the train station and the other is taking a walk down a path to a gate. The sim uses teleports and skyboxes extensively throughout the build, which is explained here.. It's a very clever system I have seen used on another Hogwart's build, but not as well as it is used here.

It is very, VERY easy to get lost in the castle. I got turned around quite a number of times. And I'm still not sure I found all the open to the public areas, like class rooms and offices. I did find the entrances to three of the four house areas. But I never found a headmasters office. And I couldn't get into the dorms. Not sure if I just wasn't clever enough of if the hud used for the rp only lets you in if you're marked as in that house.

The grounds about the castle are also well done. There's Hagrids hut and the dark forest. I was blocked from going into the forest. Again not sure if that's normal for everyone or just due to not being a part of the RP.

All the rooms I did find and go into looked almost exactly how you'd picture them. The Great Hall was just huge and even had the snow in the ceiling. Also the house points on one side. Currently Ravenclaw is in the lead with Hufflepuff a close second.

Paintings are all over though only a few talk and none move. That's animation that would take up some script time!

I believe the classrooms I found where, History of magic, Charms, DOD *whose skybox gave me issues so I dont have a photo of it*, astronomy, and a few others. My favorite was the divinations room, it was just beautiful with the crystals about! And the library is just...wow. SO big!

I do highly recommend heading over for a look around some Monday. It opens sometime around 8ish SL time, not RIGHT at the stroke of midnight on Sunday night. Someone has to be awake to open it up to the Muggles!

Now to go back to contemplating that Alt..


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