Sunday, July 17, 2011

Relay for Life, The total

Relay for life of Secondlife raised $369,062 this year!!!!

It will go up some as they take money till the end of the month, but its now "officially" over.

I stayed up and was on the track constantly the whole 24 hours. Not counting time out for crashes and a reboot.

I went to bed about 1pmish but got up just now as Adar came home.

I'm now heading BACK to bed as I'm still tired but I wanted to give the total. It's a record total for RFLSL and we're awfully proud of it. They are hopping for the slim possibility of getting to 400,000 by the end of the month will happen. That was the goal of the evening and we didn't quite make it.

If you want to help you can still donate at This link here. Till the end of the month!

Photo post coming later, I am exhausted and they have said that the builds will still be up for a bit and there where a few I wanted to explore more in-depth. Also more about the relay experience in general. But I wanted to give the total today.

I'm now heading back to bed.

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