Thursday, July 14, 2011

Relay For Life

It's the last weekend for Relay for Life.

I did not get to participate as much as I wanted to. Nore will I this last weekend. Real life interfered with OKRF Academies and then the run of the faire and other things. And this weekend, the weekend of the big Relay, Is also my husbands 30th birthday and our friends annual float trip is on the same weekend. So we're going to that. It was SUPPOSED to be earlier in the month but it got changed. Grrr

Oh well. I wont be able to officaly Relay, but hopefully some of the sims will still be up when I get home Sunday night. I'll make a lap or two if I'm able anyway.

I've decked myself out in Purple In honor still though. Wearing a Gown I got at Fantasy fair and a hair I picked up at Hair faire. And I tinted my fur purple for the weekend!

I am still trying to raise funds. If you can spare 5 bucks PLEASE go here and donate!! I see NONE OF THIS MONEY...EVER!!! It all goes right to RFL with out me doing a thing. I do most of my donating in world but I did make one donation via this, as has another friend just today! Its not much but HEY it's something!

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If you don't remember why I Relay.

Gown - !Boaz! Spring Maiden RFL version purple BOXED SLURL
Hair - DQ...Sharon Red SLURL
Pose - No Strings Attached - Blue Bird SLURL
Sim - World's End GardenSLURL

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