Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 16

Week Sixteen:

Bright Turquoise

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Outfit TVC 1910 Edwardian Lace Day Ensemble - Includes jewelery SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Ellen SLURL
Pose something from my ao,
Sim RMS Titanic SLURL

This was a tricky color for me, at first. Then I saw someone blog themselves in a gown on the Titanic sim and it clicked what I wanted to do. Granted I had to buy it instead of digging it out of my inventory but I am so in love with the hat I don't CARE.

Finding the outfit was as simple as putting in Edwardian and turquoise in to the market search.

Getting the PHOTOS was tricky. The Titanic sim was and still is a bit, swamped this past week. One time I popped in and it had over 40 people and nothing was rezzing. So I decided to wait till AFTER I got back from Oklahoma to do the shoot.

Still had some lag issues. so I got what photos I could and got out. I want to see if the bottom levels are as shop heavy as the top. Because honestly there being so many shops on the upper deck annoyed me.

I am there to see the fabulous build and recreation of the ship! Not a crap ton of shops!

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click to see what few photos I did get

Oh and for the record, yes seen the movie, once. Barely cried.

Saw the STAGE MUSICAL. Sobbed my eyes out.

Tony awards performance

Song that had me sobbing like a baby That's Isidor and Ida know the old couple holding each other as the ship sinks in the movie? yeah them...*it was the last bit with the glass that really did me in btw*

He wanted her to get in a lifeboat..she refused.."We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go." How Truly tragically romantic!


  1. Such a pretty picture, so my fair lady kitty... looks lovely you would have been perfectly at home on board the Titanic but I hope you get to the lifeboats first honey

  2. pfftt I could just fly up when it sank...wings you know! *giggles*

    And THANK YOU for comparing me to My Fair Lady!!