Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 17

Week Seventeen:

Shuttle Gray

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Outfit The Sea Hole Who ate dress gift SLURL
HairClawtooth: Mademoiselle SLURL
Pose Eternal Dream Pose Fair 2012 Gift SLURL
Sim The Dark Side by Anely Piers Metaless SLURL

Before I get into my Fantasy faire posts, let’s take a break for Luna's color challenge!

This week’s color was a grey, and I have a hard time with greys. I SOOO lucked out when I found I had a dark grey dress in my inventory I haven't blogged yet! I wanted to go find a colorful sim to explore, but I also wanted something that wouldn’t take me to long. Colorful was out for that apparently! The Dark side is a sim in shades of grey just like the dress! But It was so interesting I didn't care!

So for color I used a rainbow holding pose I had picked up at Pose fair. Hey that worked for me!

An interesting feature of this sim is the land itself is shaped, into a hand and a ball. Not many sims use the LAND like this. Only a few that I have been too. It also used a windlight setting that made things even greyer. Did make taking photos a little hard due to if I faced the wrong way there was no lighting!

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I loved the birdcage on the round island and the two winged moons.

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There are enough lil things to discover that if you want a place to discover weird whimsical things but not spend a lot of time. Go to The Dark side!

all my photos can be seen here

Now to get to work on Fantasy faire posts!!


  1. aw very cool interpretation of grey! I used a sim also :)

  2. Interesting sim you found! Reminds me of the fact that I need to do more exploring...

    Very pretty dress. And all that gray makes your wings stand out nicely too :)

  3. Love the sim thats gorgeous... the outfit you have on is pretty too... Grey suits you

  4. I love the Metaless sim, always such interesting exhibits. Lovely shots and beautiful dress.

  5. Really, really love the dress. Very cute!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments.

  7. Interesting sim -- I might wear bright pink in there one day! Great look.