Friday, March 9, 2018

Disney bounding day 2

Still playing catch up so still two a day

For March 2st it was Side kicks!

I let Adar pick the sidekick I used and he chose Mushu. I wanted to make sure I didn't do the same thing I did years ago when I Disnybound him. So I little less fancy this time! More, fightery? I guess

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Outfitcae.b - ZeusSLURL
Hair*TKW* ElomoSLURL
Pose*~*HopScotch*~* EtherealSLURL
SimA neighbors plot SLURL

Now todays, March 9th was tricky. Why? It's A Wrinkle in Time and I have not Seen the movie yet! I get that they did it as it opens today but..that just made this SUPER hard. There's not a lot of stills out except whats in trailers. So, I just kinda, picked the red head. Mrs Whatsit played by Reece Witherspoon

It's been decades since I read the book so..I dont remember much about her.

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OutfitEliavah ~ Alea Bell-Sleeved Top [PEACH]SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! AaliyahSLURL
Pose.ploom. Poses - DaintySLURL
SimLuanes Magical WorldSLURL

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