Thursday, March 29, 2018

Disney bounding is always better with a Friend.

So heres the fun thing I mentioned yesterday. Saffron Foxclaw and I did a joint Disney Bound for the Disney Cats day. We where Duchess and Thomas from the Aristocats!

you can see her version of it at her blog at Saffrons Place

Its so very neat to see how two bloggers can take a photo of the exact same thing and have them turn out different. I used a windlight that gave a soft sepia tone to it all and she did a brighter one that made it look more like a party with the lights!

And I'm flat out swiping her credits, she made the pose herself on her private land

Hair @ Truth - Elira
Coat @ Hilly Haalan - Fiorenza Coat
Trousers @ Ison - Luxebox Suede Pants
Shoes @ Ingenue - Marlene Oxford in Librarian
Glasses @ Z O O M - Cat Eye Glasses
Belle Epoque { Fabiola } Ivory (Box)
Belle Epoque { L'amour Courtois } RARE 2 (Box)
=Zenith=Muted Coven Collar (Snow)
and default info stuffs is at
16 - DRD - MM1 - Covered Furniture - 1
2. Apple Fall Dolly Piano
MadPea Cursed Collection - Bass Drum
MadPea Cursed Collection - Glockenspiel
15 - DRD - MM1 - Covered Couches - 2
Thunk! Old Harp
:CP: Allison Floor Frames
16 - DRD - MM1 - Covered Furniture - 2

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