Thursday, November 10, 2011

a just in case

So, rumor has it that blogspot may be integrated with google+. I am not sure what that would mean to my blogspot location for these posts. I still have my original Livejournal. But some people aren't to keen on using LJ and I am not sure if it feeds like it should to none LJ locations.

So I googled and worked at it and figured out how to make Semagic post to Wordpress. So now I have another mirror of this blog over at wordpress.

So for those keeping track here are all of the locations you can read me at the original location, Has the most posts and has been around almost as long as I've been in Secondlife The first mirror. Its the one that is set to feed into Iheartsl which happens randomly. The new one!

Feel free to follow and comment at any of them. All are set so anyone can comment no matter what journaling platform you use.

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