Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 14

Week Fourteen:

Royal Purple

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Outfit **Angelwing** Purple Ambrosine dress SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Monique SLURL
Pose *MP* Prince Charming SLURL
Sim - "Magic Frogs" by Romy Nayar at Anita's Artspace SLURL

I had seen posts about this cute lil build in other blogs so had to give it a go. The gown? I had SO many choices for this shade of purple I picked one I liked. I love the intricate prim work on the sash and belt. Angle is so good at the tiny stuff.

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The build is magic frogs. And while a lot smaller then I thought it was is still cute. AND there is a hunt! You’re supposed to find the magic hat. But there are a few misleads. It took me a while to find the hat.

it's also very fun and interactive. You can ride the snail and it has several pose items. Just click things

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The hat is VERY tricky to find. There's not much clue as to what your to click. I will give a hint and say it’s very slow moving.
But if you click the misleads you still get things. By the time I found the hat I also had an apple, a horn and a snail on my back. Plus the very silly hat

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You can see all my photos at this link

I'm still arguing with the new photo interface, but having seen them on my gallery pages. I at LEAST am going to make sure I have it resize the suckers down from the twice as big as ctrl ` makes them. If you don't know what argument with the interface I'm talking about its two posts down. I may just have to deal with it, go back to using the interface and keep checking my image folder they go into to make sure the photo TOOK.

And in some news that has me nervous. I have applied to be a Fantasy Faire Blogger. I've NEVER been an official blogger for anything before. So its pins and needles times.

Now to go find a Seashell Peach outfit for next week’s outing. It's such a pale color! I don't know if I have it already!


  1. NOOOOOO The pretty fairy kitty was trapped by a mean froggieeeeeeeeee..... curse the frog, but you on the other hand, well no wonder he wanted to keep you, you look so pretty!!

  2. oooooh softpaw ..that first picture is to die for.. super!!!! so cute

  3. Aww what a cool place! And your outfit is fab!
    Congrats for fantasy faire!

  4. Very cute and creative! I hope you get accepted to blog for the Fantasy would be perfect for it!

  5. I like your frogs! And you will be a great Fantasy Faire blogger!

  6. That is a gorgeous dress, and such a cute pic of you kissing the frog, and the glasses (which I saw on your previous post) are really beautiful. Good that purple is an easy colour for some bloggers!

  7. That first picture is so cute! And did you manage to turn that frog into a prince? ;)

  8. Thank you everyone for your fantastic comments!

    If you missed my sqee post I did get accepted as a FF blogger!

  9. So, so cute.... I really love the dress.