Wednesday, March 6, 2013

52 Crayola Crayons week ten - Macaroni and Cheese

Week Ten
  Macaroni and Cheese

255, 189, 136

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Outfit !gO! Little Witch -yellow- SLURL
PantsApricot Paws - meshDigi Pants - MustardSLURL
Pose*~* Y's Art&Poses - It's Snowing Pose Pack SLURL
Sim Garden of AbsentiaSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Shiny Shamrock

95, 167, 120

This weeks color is obviously named for the food. Even if it's not QUITE the shade as Kraft's Mac and cheese! It first appeared in 1993 in the 96 crayon box. It was part of a name the color contest and was named by a six year old named Adrienne Watral . The contest to name several new shades was done to coincide with Crayola's 90th anniversary. For one year after the new names for the colors where announced the crayons wrapper had the name of the person that named the color on them. After that they reverted to the standard crayon wrapper. You can read all about it at this link! a page I JUST found and will be bookmarking and reading over for later posts!

Onto the outfit, I saw the coat in a few others blog posts and HAD TO HAVE IT. Why? It's a second life version of a Katwise, or Elf coat! ! The coats are made from recycled sweaters, and as Kat, the originator of the design sells instructions on how to make your own, I have no problem with a second life version. Many creators sell their own versions on etsy, with her blessings! I know this as I have the instructions and did my own attempt at one. Mine didn't turn out so well as my serger needs servicing and the tension was all a much and it just need up a big UGH. I do plan to eventually have another go at it. In fact I should go sweater hunting soon before they are all gone from the thrift stores.

I actually bought the coat in two colors, one for this shot and one in a purple I'll be more likely to wear! The one I made is all pinks and purples for wearing at colder Renaissance Faires.

I picked a snow scene for the shot as it made sense. And I do not yet have my computer back so just the one image. I get it on Monday though! I'm so excited! Just in time for the start of Relay For Life and the Fashion Faire!


  1. That dress/top is adorable! I want it! In RL I mean. >.>

    I knew that crayon title sounded familiar! I remember having a box of those BEFORE they were given names. :D

    And such wonderful news to hear that you will have you computer back in less than a week!

    And of course here is my try.

    Have a good week <3

  2. Search for "elf coat" on etsy and you'll find a ton of them! It's more a coat then a dress but there are SO many variations on it I bet there are some that work as dresses or tops.

    But they can be costly. However if you handy with a sewing machine get Kat's instructions and have your own go!

  3. Here's mine -

    BTW, in case you didn't see my reply to the wardrobe questions - "Setting it up is very quick, if I remember, it's photographing your inventory that takes the time.. Well depending how big your inventory is... It's a great concept though. I could do with one RL!"

    Good luck with the new computer!!

  4. Somebody is clearly too enamoured of the colour challenge to give it up *g*

    Gorgeous dress! I have gone and got one for myself, thanks for introducing me to a new store :) I would love an elf coat IRL, might have to look some up as I am definitely not handy with sewing machines.

    1. Heh, yeah it was fun, and gave me, and others, something to post weekly. Also got me out of color, and clothing style, "safety zones". I know a few others started a color challenge of their own, but only one other is still going as far as I can tell. Sookie Triellis' Twisted Color Challenge, where you have two colors to match instead of one.

      I like crayons so I went with all colors that are crayola crayons.

      Elf coats on etsy can get costly. Some going for almost 1000! Others a bit more reasonable. Just search Etsy and see what you can find!