Monday, July 2, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Weeks 26 & 27

YYAAAYYY Car issues! I was too busy last week to get 26 posted or go to do anything for 27. So you get these!

Week Twenty Six:


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Outfit Beach Dress ~SUNSET~ by Caverna Obscura SLURL
Hair[Shag] - Sweet Treat SLURL
Pose aDORKable Poses: Daydreamer II Pack SLURL 
SimDoc Ock's in the Vernian DeepSLURL

I went to the most rusty place I could think of for this shot. New Babbage!

For the next color, I actually DID go through my clothing and found the right outfit. Then remembered I had already TAKEN a photo of me in it back in January that i never posted. So I figured I'd just us that shot instead of taking a new one. And managed to remember everything but the pose!

Week Twenty Seven:

Cadmium Red

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Outfit *DNR* Phoenix ( MVW 2011 COSTUME ) SLURL
Jewelry BijouxOr Design (Gold Oriental Tang - Mui Fei set (red)) SLURL
HairTukinowaguma Serene White tinted red SLURL
Hair JewelryAlienbear's (Oriental Tang-Mui Fei II Hair pieces red) SLURL

On Adar
Outfit*+:.LD China Dragon Black Box SLURL

SimSteelhead ShanghaiSLURL

This week, except for the fourth and a trip into town, I have NOTHING PLANNED. so looking forwards to a restful week! Now to find a great place to go for the next color.

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  1. WOW softpaw, I have to say that the rust is pretty but the Cadmium is stunning!!! I love your outfit and your hair and your partners outfit and WOW!!!! So pretty! You make a true fairytale princess!!!