Monday, July 30, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 31

Week Thirty One:


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Outfit .:MALT:. Fashions - Allyn Shirt tinted SLURL
Apricot Paws - meshDigi Pants - White tinted SLURL
HairExile Sakura SLURL
Pose aDORKable Poses: Playful Leo for the Zodiac event SLURL
Sim"Leonardo's Machines" by Sniper Siemens -SLURL

This color was a PAIN to find. In the end I gave up and tinted stuff. I really like the effect I got with the sheer parts of the top. As this was another Green Turlock wanted to join in the fun. And this time he stuck around the sim and checked it out with me!

I chose an art installation for this color. Sniper Siemens, has painstakingly recreated many of Da Vinci's machines in world for you to see. Some have moving parts others don't. And there are notecard for each machine. That..I did not take the time to collect and read because I am the lazy.

But all of them are fascinating in their complexity and detail. Plus the sim they are on is stunning.

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The water is barely over my feet so don't worry about stepping out into it. The sunset behind them is amazing.

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I did not go on land to check that out. Should have, but I wanted this to focus mostly on the machines.

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You can see all my photos here

And I am now going to be obnoxious and subject you all to a photo of my new fur baby we got Friday from a local shelter.

Her name is Isis, and she's four months old. She's so fricking adorable!

Why yes I am a proud new kitty mama!

Cleek here to see more photos of her!!


  1. Dawww. Is Isis, or Turlock, the reason for your post lateness? Not that you are, it's only Monday. I love your pose, and the way the gems on your glasses stand out, and your ruff, and your matching green eyes. Turlock wants to be careful he doesn't rust!

  2. Little of both, but more Isis. She's so fricking cute and a huge distraction.

  3. ooooh wow you wear pants LOL you look adorable but ITS BEHIND YOU SOFTPAW RUNNNNNNN

  4. LOL..yeah I don't have pants on THAT often. But I like these ones by Apricot paws, they are made for furs with Digitrade legs!