Monday, July 16, 2012

Another 52 weeks of color - Week 29

Week Twenty Nine:

Persian Rose

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Outfit CC ~ Pink Tron Suit SLURL
G377 G-Helmet SLURL
[ROSAL] VIRON-M Waist Corset - Black (Mesh)
[ROSAL] VIRON-M Neck Corset - Black (Mesh)
[ROSAL] VIRON-M Thigh Boots - Black *MESH* SLURL
Hair.+DV8+ Pandora Cyberfalls store closed
Pose cyber robot animations v2 (boxed) SLURL
SimTron System Reconfigured rpg SLURL

For this week’s color, which is an incredibly BRIGHT shade of pink, I decided to pick up an outfit I've pondered getting but had no good reason to have.

A Tron suit.

I actually pieced it together from various bits as you can see. The effect in world is SPECTACULAR! Because the items by Rosal are animated! The pink lines move up and down and it’s really a sight to see! They are also tintable so if you want them not in pink you can do that. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my tail so I left it out, and I couldn’t find a helmet with ears so got a normal one. Which is also tintable. The ID disc came with the base suit.

I did a search for a Tron sim, I figured there HAD to be at least one, we do call Secondlife the Grid after all! And found Tron System Reconfigured. Which while rather empty is amazing for its detail to the locations of the movie. I had fun exploring.

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It has light cars you can rez in several locations, both just to tool about the streets and in an arena. I had a bit of fun zipping about in one. And YES it leaves the light trail!

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It has several levels that you get to via a teleport system. A few locations I remembered from the second film, and a few are from the first. And one I have no clue about, that had some vendors.

Go to play with the light cycles if nothing else!

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I love this shot so much.

This Link has all the images I took.

Next week’s will likely be just the image, as I'm spending most of this week doing a more in-depth exploration of the RFL sims. There will be a post about this weekend soon as well.


  1. Softpaw you rock!!! you have a cool outfit and you always know the coolest places!! big compliment.. may be let Mayala loon make a movie of your suit. I would like to see the rings move and see how spectacular you are.

  2. aw cool! The outfit looks like mine from Astronaut Blue LOL.

  3. Wow! Very different - but very interesting! I like your reasoning on why you should get the outfit you've been eyeing up - I did that with hair *g*