Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh I am a complete DUNCE

Last year I never posted a Relay Wrap up post ! I think I had been waiting for the final fund raising totals which come in August and then just forgot! Wont make that mistake this year!

So before I start posting fashion for life stuff I feel I should at least share the links to the galleries of photos from last year

Fuzzball and Genie's Wedding. Yes it was a RFL event, also a Steelhead one.

The Steelhead relay dance events I managed to make

Steelhead's Relay Camp sight from last year

Photos taken of the track and the people on it during Relay day

After Relay nonsense and the camp sights, I left the track and explored the camp sights better.

The total raised last year was US $375,385

This year will be even better. We're Celebrating 100 years of Relay!

Rembering Relay

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