Thursday, June 13, 2013

Disneybound Challenge Week Fourteen - Vanellope Von Schweetz

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Outfit -::FxM:: Pastel Hoodies - GreenSLURL
Outfit *C:K* Simple Black SkirtSLURL
Outfit[bubble] Color Stripes Leggings SetSLURL
Jewelry@~>~ PrettiFuL ~<~@ Charm Bracelet [ Soda Bottles ] & [ Hard Candy ]SLURL
Jewelry{Violet Voltaire} Cuppycake Birthday Set & Lollipop Guild Rainbow Set SLURL
HairSchadenfreude Koko SLURL
SkyboxCANDY DOG'S Marketplace
Pose:: Focus Poses Candy Set ::SLURL
SimSome random sandboxSLURL

Vanellope, if you didn't know, is from the newest Disney Animated film Wreck it Ralph, which if you haven't seen yet, Go see it! It's fantastic!

Putting together her look was easy, as she's already dressed fairly normally. It was adding the touches of candy that was the fun part! I grabbed a lot of candy themed jewelry and wore it all togehter. Instead of sprinkling candy in my hair I picked a super fun style by Schadenfreude that lets you change the color of individual "strands"

The location is a skybox as I wanted a candy setting for this one. Found a super cheap candy skybox and dug out a pose from a candy themed set, which fit Vanellope well.

I wanted a candy car but couldn't find one, which surprised me! Open market idea for someone! Grab it!

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