Thursday, June 20, 2013

Disneybound Challenge Week Fifteen - Boo

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Outfit -Intrepid:: Cover me in Raspberry IncSLURL
Outfit Sky~ Lilac Whispers of Daisies High Waist CapriSLURL
PropProject Puppet Poses - Sock Puppet Gift SLURL
Pose::WetCat:: "ArchieCat" Set BoxedSLURL
SimSteelhead NevermoreSLURL

Last week a hint was dropped that t his weeks character would be very appropriate to this week. Well Monsters University is being released this weekend. I assumed we'd be dressing as Mike or Sully as they are in both. Turlock insisted it would be Boo.

Turlock was right.

Boo was a bit tricky due to how SIMPLE her look is. An oversized t-shirt and leggings. The best shirt for the look was already used, and with my prim lower legs I can't wear leggings. So I went looking, and found these pants and this top. I wanted to make the outfit look a BIT nicer then just a shirt and leggings so the capris where fabulous. Love the embroidery on the leg. The shirt is still pretty simple but that's ok.

I tinted the prop to match sully, but the built in pose, did very little. Thankfully I had these handpuppt poses from an event last year and they worked!

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