Friday, June 7, 2013

Disneybound Challenge Week Thirteen - Mad Hatter

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Outfit -Entente- Thriller Jacket - Femme - YellowSLURL
Outfit So What... [DayDreamer] Blue Damask Vest with white lace shirtSLURL
Outfit Apricot Paws - meshDigi Pants - greenSLURL
Hat The Mad Hattery Classic Wonderland Hat in Green (Boxed)Marketplace
HairMagika [02] After SLURL
Table[AD] [Alice] Tea Party TableSLURL
PoseOlive Juice- Mad Hatter KickStore no longer around *sad face*
SimSteelhead, my teahouseSLURL

Ok, this look was way fun and way easy to put together.

I went looking for a yellow jacket, and just HAPPENED to find a yellow version of Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket . This tickled me to NO end so I went with it. Found a blue vest and green pants and there you go!

Had to toss on a fun hat as what is the HATTER with out a HAT. Then of course I had to take the photo at my teahouse. On a new tea party table I picked up for my big teahouse overhaul. The pose is an old Hunt pose I've had for a while, and I liked out it fit with the jacket AND was Alice themed so there we go!

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