Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disneybound Challenge Week Eighteen - Alice

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Outfit .:DC:. Leona Skirt in CobaltSLURL
Outfit {Happy} Confidence Blouse (White)SLURL
Outfit *BOOM* lace trim camisole (white)SLURL
Jewelery 'Embrace II' Choker - *DeSSion* SLURL
Hair>>TRUTH< Selena SLURL
Pose.:-CatniP-:. Flamingo Croquet mallet ~SLURL
SimSteelhead NevermoreSLURL

I did not miss last weeks, Style Minions Didn't post one! So this week they posted TWO this week. Here is the one for last week. Alice, she of Wonderland.

I am completely surprised with how easily and quickly this look came together. Now I HAVE several different Alice outfits, but i had to avoid those. So I went digging into my skirts, found this one, then the top and there you go. Thank goodness for old Alice hunts so I knew where to go for the perfect pose as well!

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