Friday, July 5, 2013

Disneybound Challenge Week Seventeen - Dumbo

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Outfit [L] Syster skirt outfit : LatteSLURL
Outfit Mentine - Belt and matching leather GlovesMarketplace
Outfit Mesh Ruffle Edge Floppy Hat Marketplace
Jewelery Luas Urban Style - Lucky Elephant Necklace Pink SLURL
Hair>>TRUTH< Aiyana SLURL
Pose*~*HopScotch*~* Come one, come all - Juggle Balls- BallsSLURL
SimSteelhead NevermoreSLURL

So.. Dumbo. A baby elephant with big ears that was a clown for a bit.. I was not sure at first how to do this one, so I took a cue from the Style minion girls and went looking for some elephant themed Jewelry. The squee when I found a PINK ELEPHANT charm was loud! None of my gray outfits worked so I again went digging and tossed the rest together. Then back to digging for something with a black feather, which is what gave Dumbo the courage to learn to fly. The Truth hair had feathers and worked with the hat!

Toss in a circus pose and here is my Dumbo!

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