Wednesday, December 4, 2013

52 Crayola Crayons Week Forty Nine - Winter Wizard

Week Forty Nine

  Winter Wizard

160, 230, 255

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Outfit Snow Queen Outfit by Caverna Obscura SLURL
JeweleryInca Temple - "Fairy Blizzard" necklaceSLURL
PoseaDORKable Poses: SnowflakesSLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Sugar Plum

145, 78, 117

Winter Wizard is a color from the 2006 Silly Scents pack, not a CLUE what it smells like.

The dress and Sim just matched up perfectly for this. I love Caverna Obscura outfits and Have been meaning to explore Cadenza for a while. It's a side sim off of the Happy Mood store sim and Happy Mood has been known to do fabulous builds for the holidays! But you gotta find them! Put on some nice holiday music and drift about this sim!

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You can see all of my Cadenza photos at this link

And yes this is my Christmas Countdown December 4th


  1. I am totally gonna catch up really soon -