Wednesday, February 27, 2013

52 Crayola Crayons week nine - new car

Week nine

  New Car

33, 79, 198

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Outfit *EC* Damselfly Fairy Fantasy - SLURL
Jewelery[K~*~S] Demoiselle - Jewelry SetSLURL
HairExile FaeSLURL
PoseDiesel Works - Fairy Female Poses SLURL
Sim Steelhead SLURL

Next Week's Crayon!!

  Macaroni and Cheese

255, 189, 136

This weeks Crayon is a fun one. I'm sure the name baffled a few! But it has a super simple and fun explanation. New Car comes from a 1994 release of scented crayons called Magic Scents! Now in 1995 they changed some of the scents from food scents to none food due to parental fears of kids eating the food scented crayons. And despite that there where no reports of kids getting harmed due to that, crayons are non toxic after all, Crayola went ahead and changed some of the scents. I couldn't fine any positive verification, but I bet New car was once Blueberry. The colors are slightly different but it was the only other darkish blue shade in the packs.

Took me a while to find a shade of blue that matched, but this lovely Evie's closet outfit worked perfectly. And Kouse had made the jewelery to go with it! It's color change so I matched it with the blue.

I saved the main and first Steelhead sim for last. I'm up in the lighthouse that is on the sim's flags and coat of arms. The sim is getting a new mesh make over due to some weirdness with it last month. My Teagarden has a home on the sim but its not down right now due to the overhaul. Should be able to put it down again soon. You can see some of the new build behind me!

Really, if your looking for a home in Second Life come check out any of the Steelhead sims! There are a few plots available on each sim I believe and the family you will get when you join is one of the best on the grid.

Speaking of Family, my ren faire family suffered a sudden and tragic loss recently. A few weeks ago a lovely girl who we all called Blue went into the hospital for routine gall bladder surgery. It had complications and then it was discovered she had Leukemia. Then, last week she passed on. It was sudden and shocking and we're all still coping with it. They hadn't even figured out what kind of leukemia she had yet!

So this year my Relay for Life Participation will be in her honor. It starts officially next week but you can donate already, just click the image below and follow the instructions!

And I encourage all to join in a team and participate. It's an amazing experience and a worthy cause.


  1. Yay I actually new the history behind one of the crayons! I remember having that set. lol. That color looks fantastic on you and I just adore that dress!

    Eep. So sorry to hear of your loss. =( Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. <3

    And as always my attempt for this weeks color;

  2. Vroom vroom! Great story behind the colour. *Wonders if new cars smell like blueberry*

    Here's my effort: