Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sylvan of Spells creators - BlueMoon, Gypsy wolf, TempT and more

Click here for a list of all the stores on Sylvan of Spells with SLURL's to their main stores I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire items, or items by FF vendors only.

All of the dress designers I have for this sim are new to me so I'm going alphabetical. All items are their stores Relay vendor offering.

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This lovely gown by BlueMoon enterprise is called Lady Grace, and it is such a decadent gown. The creator stated that she tries to use period correct fabrics and trims,and it shows in the lushness of the tapestry pattern on this gown. And I love the muted colors.

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This glittery dress from Tayren's Fantasy Fashions, called GlitterFae, is actually part of a complete fairy Avatar. I only wore the Dress, necklace, wreath and hair for this shot, but it also comes with everything you need for an out of the box avatar. Skin, eyes, shoes, wings, shape, and more!

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The Gypsy Queen dress from Gypsy wolf is quite fun in its understated browns and grays colors. And it comes with a jingle coin belt. I love the patterns on the fabrics and the sleeves.

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This sexy gown is by Independent Objects and is called Queen of Lunimba. The jewelry, also under the same name, is sold separately. I like the use of materials on the bra. The Dagger at my hip is also available, it's by Snoodle's and is called Ornate Throwing Dagger. You're able to draw and use in in Role play. Very well done.

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The last dress I have for you is by TempT and is their Niobe Fae Dress. An adorable off the shoulder fairy gown. I love the textures on the silk look lower half and the embroidery on the top.

And now for two rezable items you can buy.

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On the left you have the Bard's Stage by Swan. The front curtains open and close, the lights can be moved about and I am standing on an animation spot with a lot of different animations for telling your tale.

On the right is Gypsy Wolf's Gypsy Rest Tent. Inside is a comfy pile of pillows and some refreshments.

So now that you have some ideas on what you can pick up, head over to Sylvan of Spells and get to shopping!

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