Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim - Athenaeum Arcana

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Athenaeum Arcana (Beq Janus)
Legends tell of a grand library, hidden between our worlds; of archivists and adventurers dedicated to saving the stories that we weave; of vast dimensional portals tearing through the very fabric of reality; and of how at its height, through folly or foul play, it was destroyed. Now, for those lucky few that know how to find it, the once great Athenaeum stands frozen in time at the very moment of destruction. A crossroads between realities, the wildest most incredible bazaar any world has ever seen.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

So I kept joking that sim is the perfect example of why you "Don't speak latin around the books" Because it is a library that is being destroyed by someone summoning the WRONG thing.

A little confusing to navigate but the story it presents is amazing. Who sealed off the library? What are the giant ferris wheel things? Just how big IS that monster? Can it be reversed? Can the books be saved? SO many questions! Beq did an amazing job of story telling here! One you want to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?

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