Monday, April 22, 2019

Fantasy Faire 2019 Sim - Bayounimba

Sponsored by ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Bayounimba (Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Mondi Beaumont)
For many centuries the kingdom of Lunimba lay in lush green forests, while its diverse inhabitants lived in harmony with nature and themselves as artists, artisans and musicians of wide reknown. But the world changed, dark powers rose as friends became strangers, became enemies until even the incomparable peace of Lunimba had fallen to a dark horde that aimed to wipe it from the map forever. Time passed, the world changed and the city with it. Now, nestled in a swamp, Bayounimba stands where Lunimba one stood, and in the distance one hears music, voices and lively hustle and bustle; are these the sounds of today, or a half-remembered echo of its former glories?

Bayounimba brings to mind a Louisiana Bayou right down to a bit of voodoo in the swamp. You enter the deep swamp, swing around to the days gone by with some paddle boats and then go back into the swamp.

But mind that swamp! In it are not only critters, but plants that may just eat you. And signs of dark magic. And in the center a meeting place for who knows what.

Well actually its the area where you'd meet up for Roleplay classes Just mind the seats! They bite!!

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