Sunday, May 10, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim - Queensgarden

Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project.
Queensgarden by Gidgette Adagio.
The Fairelands Quest Region.

I really should have blogged the sim before today but I wanted to finish the quest first before I did it and that didn't happen till Saturday. Mostly due to I was exhausted and sleeping a lot and there was *and still is* plot stuff going down at Mischief Managed. Also I did it with my friend Striefclaw and she had things going on too. But we managed it and got the flood of prizes.

The sim itself is a stunning garden sim. That I could just live in and wish would stay around longer then the faire. Its just...ugh gorgeous.

The quest itself will take you through all the fairelands then to Queensgarden for the finish. Its not as long and complicated as in the past though the last step can take a while. Give it a go to try though! SOMETIMES they leave the quest sim up a few more days

You can see all my photos of the sim at this link here

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