Wednesday, April 24, 2013

52 Crayola Crayons Week Seventeen - Manatee

Week Seventeen


151, 154, 170

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Outfit AD] BookLook4_ Tribute to Peter Pan 800SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Luna SLURL
Posec( Two Cats ) Magical Poses SLURL
Sim Titans HollowSLURL

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  Midnight Pearl

112, 38, 112

Wasn't going to skip this even with all the fantasy faire blogging, BUT I did not go explore a separate sim :P

Manatee as a color showed up in 1998 and is found in the 120 boxes and up. And I am being a lazy Fae kitty and not looking up more :P

The outfit I have on is a fun one, the yellow dot things around me, which yes are part of the dress, have a pulsing bit of yellow glow that spirals around it. And I knew it needed the new pose from Two cats I picked up at Fantasy faire! Perfect!


  1. Nice dress and a great match. I will be a little late this time out but I have started shortlisting a few things in my inventory for colour matching!

  2. Finally... my manatee!