Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The DragonSpire ~ A fantasy Faire Sim

Getting lost was never so much fun as it is in the crystal filled caverns of The DragonSpire! Designed by Khyle Sion of ~Refined Wild~ and Sponsored by The Arcanum The sim is worthy of ANY dragon.

IN fact when Adar saw me in it over my shoulder he was all COOL SIM!!

SLURL, store list and map can be found here. Map is of the stores only not the maze!

The sim build is in two parts basically, the horseshoe tunnel that the shops are in, and the winding confusing d labyrinth under them them. I got so lost! Both areas have many glowing crystals lining them. while the shops also have some cave plants growing in them.

There is also an underground pond and stream, as well as a dragons hoard that you have to look real hard to find!

I had lots of fun in this sim just wandering. But it CAN be tricky at times so be careful when you go exploring! It's got a landing point so if you TP out and back in you end up in at the landing point, not where you left off at!

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You can see all the photos I took at this link here Have fun getting lost in the tunnels!

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