Tuesday, April 23, 2013

meadowWorks on Crimson Fields

meadowWorks is one of the shops I was assigned to blog this year, and it has been great fun meeting Garvie Garzo, the artist behind it.

Her main shop is at this location, and her shop is on Crimson Fields, turn left facing tridents store at the landing point and look for the white Moon flowers!

She is not a clothing store but a garden store and makes plants and decorations for your garden! Much needed in Secondlife! where would be go in all our pretty clothing if not for the creators of gardens and buildings?

For Fantasy faire she created a set of items themed around the Greek god Helios, Greek arches, fields of Poppies and a fallen sleeping god all feature in her work.

She uses high quality mesh for her work and its all very well done. I placed her items out on my home land in Steelhead while she was still setting her shop up to get some shots, then got some shots of her store for Fantasy faire.

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Her store is rather clever in it has a hidden spot to find, but a hint is to follow the petals!

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You can see all my photos of her items and shop at this lovely link here!


  1. Thank you Softpaw, especcially for taking and posting so many great photos. i finally got around to my own blog post and linked to you to fill in some details

    1. You are so very welcome for them all! thank YOU for making such lovely things for me to photograph!