Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crimson Fields ~ a Fantasy Faire Sim

You can get to the SLURL and store list at this link

and all my photos of the sim are at this link

Crimson Fields is a sim built and sponsored by Laufey Markstein of T R I D E N T and the build is a tribute to the Steven King books in the Dark Tower Series.

Now, I am a wussy kitty who does not like horror, so I have never read any Steven King, or seen any movies. Though I do have a weird obsession with Carrie, which while I still have not read, or seen unless you count the bootleg youtube of the current revival of it's musical version.

BUT I do have google, and google leads me to a Dark Tower Wiki, and according to it, the Crimson Fields of the sim are

The  Can'-Ka No Rey ("The Red Fields of None") is the field of roses surrounding the Dark Tower. The roses are very difficult to remove from the ground. They have thorns that can rip into hands while they are in the ground, but become harmless after being removed. The roses call people to come to the Dark Tower. Their call is strongest at sunset

Now I can not say if the roses call to people at sunset, but there is a massive field of them, and the Dark tower. The sim build is in truth very simple, but effect in conveying what it needs to. The effect of the masses and masses of roses is rather stunning. And the tower is imposing in its height. The landing platform a ring of stone arches and roses, in front of Tridents sim store with the rest of the stores curving to the sides of the field of roses.

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I, obviously, have no clue if this next photo is something from the books, or if its exactly what the Whovian in me thinks it is..

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